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Okay, so this has been a thing for decades now. It's nothing new. However, the right is mounting a new assault on our culture and attempting to slash funding for artistic programs again.

It's easy to see what these cuts to art have done to our culture as a whole since the 90's. People are more toxic and establishments are failing. New and innovative ideas are being shared less, and piracy and plagiarism are common themes.

We need the arts to help us teach each other. We need them for self expression. We need them because art is in our nature. We need to take action because life would be gray and all work without them. If anything makes us truly feel free, it's artistic expression. If anything helps us maintain any freedom, it's having programs that mold us so that we can express ourselves non-violently; without toxicity and undue drama.

Whole careers, industries even, are in jeopardy. Let's fix this now. Don't let them take away our voices.

#peopleforthearts #art #freedom #selfexpression #freedomofspeech #culture #individuality

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You speak of animal cruelty, but you'll show your own kind the most cruelty - or just bear it no mind. Understand something: humans are animals too. No, LITERALLY.

Definition one, the true scientific definition of an animal. The following definitions are contextual definitions. The primary definition is the scientific one.

Humans meet the full criteria of animalia. Now, if you say any or none of that is true for us, that we're magical in some way, I'm going to come start slapping faces.

Imagine you had a nice home that you had been in for decades. You inherited that home from your parents, and your parents inherited that home from their parents, and so on and so forth.

The house is large and immaculate. The land spans several open acres where there are some resources. People begin to move in and build homes neighboring your house. You don't like this but you ultimately permit it as long as they respect the rules of your land, don't violate anyone's privacy, respect your privately held beliefs, share with you as you share with them, and don't expand on more land without your permission. Simple, right? It IS your land after all, right?

You later end up letting a ton of people who need homes move onto your land and charge them nothing for occupying the space. All they have to do is the aforementioned. This actually works for a few years, as you find the company even more comforting than the previous solitude. Though these people initially intruded and stole from you, you heard their appeals and forgave their transgressions. They've become dear to you, like family.

You allow these people to form a neighborhood watch for themselves. You choose not to participate in the watch but promise not to be disruptive as long as they continue to live by the previously agreed upon terms.

One year you take your family on summer vacation. You trust your new neighbors and extended family to keep an eye on your property. However, a new group immediately sets their gaze upon your home. Without your knowledge or consent, they move onto your remaining land, build rudimentary homes, and acquaint themselves with your neighbors. They join the neighborhood watch and become somewhat trusted in just a few weeks of your time away.

This group decides during the second month of your absence that they are entitled to your home because of their contributions to the watch. So, they move in as your neighbors say nothing. A new family comes along in the third month and loves the home. The invading group sells your entire property to the new family for a premium price.

When you return home at the end of summer, you're greeted at your front door by new faces and a shotgun. You're ordered to leave the land entirely. When you go to your neighbors for help in removing the invading family, you're told by all that there is a homeless shelter in the next town, and that maybe you should try there until the situation changes. You sit there for months as the others become more settled in your home.

When you get fed up, you return to take back what rightfully and factually belongs to you. All of those you regarded as family side with the invading family, some of your family is killed, and any survivors are chased away. What belonged to your family is never returned. You die exiled from your own property by those it never belonged to. Your descendents can never recover the property either. Now those same people have spread their influence as far as the town you now live in. They've decided to tear down the shelter your descendents now live in and sell it to a large energy company.

That sucks, doesn't it? That actually happened to someone.

#deepthought #sick #criminal #morals #injustice #intellectualism #facts #truth #justice #crimeculture #ugliness #trust #loyalty #disloyalty #betrayal #sharing #kindness #generosity #unfair #stealing #selfishness #idiocracy #murika #Americanism #marginalization #NoDAPL

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I thought you might be interested in this story: Ex-Michigan official gets probation in Flint water probe,

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Did You Know...?

If your liquor was made with isopropyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol, your first pint would very nearly kill you. In fact, you'd be in a coma with a very real chance of dying if you weren't quickly treated for the resultant alcohol poisoning. That's just your standard 70 - 80 proof. But Americans like to have fun, so 100 proof is the way to go. That's 50% alcohol. Your first pint of that WILL kill you without immediate care. That's only 8 ounces. Dead.

There are loads of accounts of drinkers who drank a single glass of the stuff, either intentionally or accidentally, and couldn't wake themselves for a day. Literally. 24 hours. That's a brief coma. Literally. That's unconsciousness for a prolonged period of time. Coma. Coma can lead to death if gone untreated. Treatment is required to preserve organ function.

Some call the potency difference marginal. That isn't marginal. An adult can consume 1 liter of same proof liquor containing ethyl alcohol in a sitting and survive. An adult can't even drink a full pint of liquor containing isopropyl and survive without medical aid. That's more than twice the potency, which isn't marginal.

This happens because of the effect the alcohols have on the nervous system, isopropyl has a much greater depressive effect on the nervous system than ethyl alcohol does, and because of how the body metabolizes the alcohols. Isopropyl is converted to acetone in the human body, which is already present.


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Looks like she might be rolling over...😒

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This is the racism that supposedly doesn't exist, supposedly isn't that bad, or is suggested that Whites are blamed for while Blacks employ it. These assertions are all false and Right Wing propaganda.

First, let's understand what's being implied by the terms in question, as America obviously has an education problem.

Racism is a supremist belief and institution whereby acts of violence, subjugation, ill will, and / or discrimination are believed justifiable purely on the grounds of race.

I'm sure you believe I'm making this up, so here's the actual definition, which supports my explanation:

Racism cannot be justified. At all. It is hatred for hatred's sake. That is not at all identical to bigotry.

Bigotry is the intolerance of another's opinion.

I'm sure you're forming false equivalencies as you read this, however, they are not the same. Bigotry does not have the same definitive restrictions as racism. Racism is a form of bigotry. Here's the definition, so you'll know I'm not inventing the openness of the term's definition:

Bigotry in and of itself can unfortunately be justified because a victim of racism can be a bigot, or a victim of sexism can be a bigot.

What keywords are present in the definition of racism but absent from the definition of bigotry? Superiority in some dictionaries, supremacy in others, and discrimination.

Superiority is a position of advantage indicating or proposing that one is somehow better than others, with or without traits that actually support the assertion.

You likely think I'm reaching here, so I provided the definition for you:

The definition of the term does not restrict the context of the word to any materialized traits or characteristics that would make an individual actually superior. That means that economic, legal, and cultural advantages are not exempt.

Supremacy is only slightly different, referencing authority. This inclusion in some dictionaries is really important because it doesn't break other definitions, and it reveals an ugly truth about Western civilization that has been present for centuries. Here's the definition for proof:

Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of another individual or class of people based on arbitrary factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, creed, age, height, weight, nationality, or disability.

You're probably doubting my honesty, so here's the definition for just racial discrimination:

Because of other non-related definitions, I had to pull a contextual definition so as to prevent any unwarranted confusion. We Americans like to tl;dr everything, so I didn't want you to have to suffer through the root definition, which is to make a distinction.

Now that we've got that cleared up, Blacks cannot be racists, women cannot be sexists, LGBTQH cannot be heterophobic [for lack of a better word], etc. The reason why that is, is because bigots within these circles can justify their hatred. The classes as a whole are victims of prejudice, even if there are individuals who have no direct recollection of receiving any specific ill treatment. The issue is the institution of domestic prejudices against these classes.

When Christians commit atrocities, they're judged as individuals, receive more support, and lighter penalties. More is forgiven or overlooked by their biased constituents. When any non-Christian commits an atrocity, they are usually judged as an entire class, receive much less support, and heavier penalties. A Christian started WWII, Adolf Hitler. He was Catholic. He consistently maintained that declaration all his life. Was he slain by Allied powers? No. No one confirmed the kill. He simply disappeared. Who suffered harsher consequences though they changed sides and ended the war? The Soviets. Why? Because the Soviets tried to establish statewide atheism.

Hitler started it, but Stalin and those after him paid for it - and are still paying for it. That's not to say that they did nothing wrong, but it is to say that Christians are FAR from exempt when discussing institutional prejudices based on spirituality. Though Jim Jones was an Atheist-to-Christian convert as a matter of fact, Christians have labeled him an Atheist because they largely feel that one who walks in the faith is superior to those who don't, and cannot do something so horrible. That's a supremist attitude in a privileged and socially protected class of people. Christians as a class factually oppress non-Christians throughout most of Western civilization, all the way down to cuisine, attire, and education.

Telling historical truth and pointing out racism IS NOT White bashing. Just because one is uncomfortable with the reality doesn't make it any less true. The entire class isn't innocent just because the innocent individual is, well, innocent. Just because you didn't own slaves doesn't mean Whites and Arabics didn't exclusively enslave indigenous African people for all except 20 of nearly 1200 years. In that 20 year stretch, Africans were not freed from bondage, however, it was just that other races were briefly taken as slaves by Whites and Arabics as well.

Addressing unjustified hatred for African Americans after the abolition of slavery is not White bashing either. As a class, we've done absolutely nothing to earn the social stigmatization we still suffer through. Westerners enslaved us, took our resources, and even took most of our ancestral and continental home from us. Talking about that through the #BlackLivesMatter mouthpiece is White bashing and makes us terrorists? I thought that was discussing facts and well documented history.

#BLM is not a violent organization. Because angry outside antagonists rush peaceful protests and scream Black Lives Matter does not mean they're a part of the organization. Black Lives Matter is, and has since the hashtag first went viral always been, a legitimate organization established and registered by three women. As a matter of fact, they schedule events and you have to join a chapter to even be a recognized member. They raise funds and hold events even overseas…like in places like Dubai. Just view their site. It's all public information.

Racism is when White individuals take the handful of riots and hold this entire Black run organization, regarding them as terrorists no less, accountable for something they never actually had a hand in. A racist thinks Blacks protested, riot broke out that involved Blacks, Black organization exists, then that organization is a terrorist organization. The same happened with the NAACP in its history. Then is suddenly became a political crime cartel in the minds of these same types of people because it had been revealed that a White woman had infiltrated and worked her way up to leadership of the organization. The fact that the NAACP has cured countless former KKK members of their racism and invited them into the organization for decades doesn't even enter the discussion.

As for the riots of the modern era, no one discusses the White ones, like this one:

Or this one:

But confirmed White photographers covering the the Baltimore protest that later erupted into a riot stating very clearly that drunk White Orioles fans caused the outbreak of violence by shouting racial epithets, threatening violence, accelerating their vehicles through crowds of pedestrians, throwing bottles at protesters, throwing bar furniture at protesters, and outright jumping protesters in the streets are completely ignored. Every conservative media source flipped the story into something that wasn't true, and now occupy the top search results. Infowars, of all media sources, is a top 10 result of that search. Even the Orioles' president stated that his concern was keeping the fans from causing problems with the peaceful protests.

There's even footage of baseball fans antagonizing protesters until one finally throws something at them - even though the fans were told to stay away from the protest. Look at the scene and the aggressive body language before the canister is thrown. Drunk fans confronted and harassed protesters.:

The fans were being told to come back inside. They were out of bounds. They crossed the barricades, exactly where they were told not to be. Here they are driving through crowds of protesters:

On the ground, despite the attempts of one person to motivate the crowd to take violent action, the crowd did not riot:

Here's a much better view of the start. If you look at the debris around, the baseball fans obviously weren't innocent in all of this. There are beer cans, paper cups, and snack packaging all over the place near the protestors. The protestors didn't attend the game, so how could they have littered the area with them? We even see a White man come onto the street and take a swing at one of the protesters, THEN the riot takes place and spreads. The drunk Orioles fans worked for that riot:

These are the types of things that are hidden from the public eye:,amp.html?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=amp&

The Baltimore police even beat a photographer for being on the wrong side of the police line.

This racist woman thinks that honoring Harriet Tubman is White bashing? How? Then she calls sympathizers snowflakes, calls this country of all places generous, says we're drains - I guess implying we're all depending on handouts, which isn't even remotely true - and asserts that we, the victims, need to leave. Even if we did try to exercise that option, fat chance of most of us being able to afford leaving. Maybe she didn't realize that international travel requires a passport, and that a passport or enhanced license is needed to even move across the border. They also aren't cheap for a racial class that is so economically disadvantaged that the mention of our race calls abject poverty to mind. Black has become synonymous with the words ghetto, hood, broke, poor, and poverty.

This is the reaction you can expect from someone who is losing their privilege, and Black Lives Matter is taking an awful lot of punishment for things they didn't do. But, that's the best way to beat Black empowerment…turn everyone against the pillars of hope and change by blaming them for what they had no hand in. It's not White America's fault Black Wall Street was flattened, it's those uppity Blacks thinking they can come here and build anything without permission or handing it over, right?

This has been the theme for 1200 years, why should we believe it's any different now?

That's how deep rooted and destructive racism is. That's why those few words are racist as hell. That's why she should be totally condemned. That's why America is doomed to suffer racial tensions until its inevitable fall. That's why there are flag tramplers and flag burners. That's why the world is burning. That's why there are so many terrorist cells. And that's why militant SJW's have been able to infiltrate, undermine, and ruin every movement they join, making everything worse for us all in the process.

This country's lack of values, honesty, integrity, honor, and progress have corrupted everything. And it all started with ugly people like this one captured here.

Spread her shame #Reshare

#Progress #Progressivism #Egalitarianism #Equalitarianism #Egalitarian #Equalitarians #Justice #Society #America #Murika #Injustice #Prejudice #Racism

Question: Am I the only one who feels like tech blogs are becoming far less critical of Android devices than they should be?

It seems to me like they're afraid to question the big companies and developers who make our products. It feels like they're doing more selling than using their leverage to speak for us.

I've seen nothing but rave reviews for the new Gboard but no mention of obvious issues. The height setting could have greater range, autocorrect is weaker than it used to be, grammar correction is weak, the curser still teleports around documents at random, some necessary features completely stop working in applications like the Play Store and Google, periodic freezing, missed input, lag in large documents, text field navigation has been reduced to dragging the curser instead of finger scrolling for half a year, and a sticky enter key. No one is discussing these things publicly - and I really think they should be.

As awesome as the Pixel phones seem to be, automatic system updates are proving to be a bad idea. However, this supposed convenience isn't being addressed as such. Bad updates sometimes get released at the expense of the user. Why do we have to go to so much trouble to roll our devices back when things go wrong? Why is there no option to turn this feature off? It's the user's responsibility to be attentive when updates come through. If I learn of a of a bad update, I should also get to delete and block the redownload of that update. I shouldn't have to stare at a notification for a 400+ MB file that I don't feel safe installing. I shouldn't be blocked from future improvements because I didn't accept the previous flawed update either. I should be able to skip it and still receive system updates. No one is publicly addressing this either.

Any criticism I do see with anything is incredibly light. I prefer a pair of front facing speakers but this is still okay - though it sounds a bit tinny and flat. It could also be a little louder. But overall a good speaker. That's it. Nothing else said about it. ⬅ WHAT?!! That's a bad review with a good ultimate rating! Why?! Call a spade a spade. Is everyone so afraid to be accused of hating that no one is honest and real anymore? Is this really okay? Speakers are now trending back toward single bottom mounted arrays. This type of feedback is proving to be ineffective because users take those assessments and buy loads of these devices, thinking that they're getting better than they're getting. Then they get fed up because it's not what they thought and switch to an iPhone.

What happened to neat, well placed, convenient, swipable side drawers? They've mostly disappeared. What about swipable tabs and pages? They've mostly disappeared as well. We're largely going back to inconvenient virtual buttons on larger screens, eliminating the wonderful one-handed use we begged for. What happened to the No, I said command in Google that doesn't require we tap the microphone icon? It never launched. No one's saying anything.

Voice dictation still doesn't provide punctuation for proper context, more apps are being abandoned, organization still isn't a priority for Google, Drive STILL doesn't have folder sync, OEMs still break the rules, and promises aren't being kept. Doesn't anyone even remember that Google promised us the use of full Android apps on Chromebook 2½ years ago? We're still waiting for that though. It was supposed to launch that Q3 and it still hasn't hit mainstream. No one is saying anything.

What's going on here? Fanaticism has completely taken over and innovation is being stanched, punctuating the stagnation of mobile technology. Am I the only one who feels stifled by this? We're basically just remixing the same things in hopes of reinventing the wheel. The changes feel empty and pointless. I've even found myself designing my own mobile OS and devices in my downtime. That isn't a good sign for someone who is as big an Android supporter as I was.

If you have improvements you've been waiting for or would like to see, please support this post. Maybe we can get someone to take this on and help us make a difference.

#Android #Alphabet #Google #Samsung #Motorola #Sony #HTC #Huawei #LG #OnePlus #Blu #Oppo #Blackberry #Asus #Acer #Toshiba #HP #Tech #TechNews #Innovation

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This is not Afghanistan, this is Standing Rock, North Dakota #noDAPL
+Unicorn Riot has a good video recap of today's crackdown by militarized police evicting two camps of water protectors:

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