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Steve Forde
Video game artist, web developer, homebrewer.
Video game artist, web developer, homebrewer.

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Oy, been a while since I put any game build updates on G+ :P

MoonBase v0.26 -

This update includes a jackhammer item for helping your clear large rocks out of the way. Craters are now just ground decorations and are no longer collidable. Both making traveling with the buggie easier.

Other updates include:
- Added a new self-powered “Nav Light” item to help you find your way in the dark.
- Added more ground tile variations.
- Airlock now has status lights for being open/closed.
- Buggie wheels animate when you’re moving.

Fixed bugs, added more particles, check it out!

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Daily sketch - Spaceman: "Anybody home?"

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New Krita brushes for 2.9 :-)

Download link :
I share today my new brush-kit for Krita 2.9, released under public-domain license. I also made a video to explain and demo a bit the brushes. Thanks to my patrons support, especially the "Heroes Patrons" who donate +3$ on my account to support for the creation of extras ( tutorials and resources ) between each episodes :-)

#krita #opensource #digitalpainting #illustration #freedownload  

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Current game project I'm working on.  Place tiles, craft buildings, defend yourself against baddies.

First attempt at soldering: Success. Adafruit 8x8 LED Matrix + backpack. Running their test program.

Edit: Now running a quick 'n dirty "Avoid the Dots" game I threw together.

Did a terrible thing and made this yesterday with some recycled art. Flappybird clones are still all the rage, right? :P

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Testing out exporting this silly libGDX project as an HTML "game".  Move the dwarf around, kill skeletons, encounter lots of bugs!  Play it here:

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It's back!  Was really surprised at how fast the app approval process was.  Some forum threads said a few days, others said a week+.  I submitted it before I went to bed last night, and it was live before I even got out of bed this morning.
After a short hiatus, Pombie Zong for android is back and is now available on the Amazon Appstore!

Some new features include a revised achievement system, additional big zombie art for when they take damage, new intro animations, hint text to help explain 1 vs 2 player modes, updated Perfect Wave bonus point payouts, a button to skip the tutorial, plenty of bug fixes, and ability to share your scores!

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A silly, slapped-together cardboard arduino thing I made this afternoon that checks the weather forecast every 15 minutes. It turns on a yellow light for a severe weather watch, and a red one if there is a warning.

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The X.Org Foundation is proud to announce a special birthday: 30 years ago, on 19 June 1984, Bob Scheifler announced the X Window System.

Over these 30 years, X has come to be the base for Unix desktops everywhere. With desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE, XFCE, Unity, Enlightenment, millions of users are using X as the underlying technology today.

The X developers have pushed the boundaries and moved X from a system originally written to run on the CPU of a VAX VS100 to one that runs the GUI on today's laptops with 3D rendering capabilities. Indeed, X predates the concept of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as we currently know it, and even the company that popularized this term in 1999, Nvidia.

X continues to see improvements and despite its long service record, it will stay with us for a while longer.

And in case you're wondering, X predates:
* Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows
* POSIX, C89, C99, C++, Java
* the World Wide Web
* the GPL and the FSF

X was one of the first major open source software projects, years before the terms Free Software and Open Source Software were commonplace. Celebrate with us, for without X, the desktop would not be what it is today.

- The X.Org Board of Directors
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