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Steve Forde
Video game artist, web developer, homebrewer.
Video game artist, web developer, homebrewer.

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Oy, been a while since I put any game build updates on G+ :P

MoonBase v0.26 -

This update includes a jackhammer item for helping your clear large rocks out of the way. Craters are now just ground decorations and are no longer collidable. Both making traveling with the buggie easier.

Other updates include:
- Added a new self-powered “Nav Light” item to help you find your way in the dark.
- Added more ground tile variations.
- Airlock now has status lights for being open/closed.
- Buggie wheels animate when you’re moving.

Fixed bugs, added more particles, check it out!


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It appears that +SourceForge took over the control of the 'GIMP for Windows' account and is now distributing an ads-enabled installer of GIMP. They also locked out original owner of the account, Jernej Simončič, who has been building the Windows versions of GIMP for our project for years.

So far they haven't replied to provide explanations. Therefore, we remind you again that GIMP only provides builds for WIndows via its official Downloads page.

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Pombie Jump update 1.1 now out!

Includes 2 new characters to unlock, and video ads have been switch to be entirely optional - and choosing to watch them rewards you with extra Brains :)

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Daily sketch - Spaceman: "Anybody home?"

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New Krita brushes for 2.9 :-)

Download link :
I share today my new brush-kit for Krita 2.9, released under public-domain license. I also made a video to explain and demo a bit the brushes. Thanks to my patrons support, especially the "Heroes Patrons" who donate +3$ on my account to support for the creation of extras ( tutorials and resources ) between each episodes :-)

#krita #opensource #digitalpainting #illustration #freedownload  

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The latest, dead simple, game I made using libGDX is now also now free on Google Play. An endless runner/jumper type of thing - collect brains, avoid spinning saw blades, and acid pits, unlock new Pombie character skins. Try it out! Thoughts and feedback always appreciated :)

Follow me on Twitter for more updates on it and other game shenanigans:

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My latest, simple game, Pombie Jump is now available for free on the Play Store!  Try it out! Let me know what you think :)  Made using libGDX.

More info and games available on my website:
And you can follow me on Twitter!

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Current game project I'm working on.  Place tiles, craft buildings, defend yourself against baddies.

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Just 3 days left to get my game Pombie Zong for FREE on during the winter holiday sale!

Also available on the Amazon Appstore:
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