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Piara Singh
Rehat Pyari MujhKo : Sikh Pyara nahe (Guru Gobind Singh G)
Rehat Pyari MujhKo : Sikh Pyara nahe (Guru Gobind Singh G)

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Take a look at this video on YouTube: what shall we must do to make our life healthy and meaningful 

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Some Mac Must Know Keys....

Command is the Mother of all you need to do...
Hold Command is the basic necessity. almost for every action.

:: CMD + `
:: This command will toggle within multiple separate chrome windows

:: CMD + Shift + option + Esc
:: This command will close the stuck app immediately

:: CMD + Shift + 3
:: Takes snapshot

:: CMD + H
:: Hide the current App or window

:: CMD + Space
:: Open and Search Anything

:: CMD + T
:: Create new tab

:: CMD + N
:: Create New Window

:: CMD + }
:: Next Page

:: CMD + {
:: Previous Page

:: CMD + Shift + }
:: Next Tab Page

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Google Chrome no more support, JAVA. 

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I will write Blogs on these topics Very Soon.

Multiple Hosts on Wamp
Workspace in Chrome
Git integration with sublime
Awesome Workflow of Git
command line opening for Sublime
Understandings on Git
Animations with Css
Git with webstorm
Push issue in git from webstorm
Remove Password Lock from PDf Files

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[]"audio"), function(data){data.setAttribute("loop","loop");});

This code set all audio on the webpage you are to loop. 
Quite useful for me. as in i like to play some audio files and whichever i like i would love to listen it repeatedly. 

Which was not there from the website owner. So i wrote some JS 
to make any playing audio, loop automatically. 

I used it on

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Git was giving trouble with sublime. to solve push to your remote... 
this is what could solve the issue.

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a Few Years back i made this Small Snake Game and hosted it on Drive. for Free.  Awesome Still works. 
I know its hard to see what's written. 

To Start the game.USE Any Arrow Key 
Click Right -> arrow key
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