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The Last's the Best of All the Game (IN THE MISSION FIELD)
Goodbye's   Well, that was it. And I am so happy because this last week was seriously one of the greatest. Before I go any further, this keyboard is seriously messed up, so if this email is ugly, just correct the mistakes with punctuation. The stories and s...

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Life Takes You to Unexpected Places.....But Love Brings You Home
SHE'S COMING HOME!!! Sister Wood will be returning from the Philippines on November 20, 2014. Her homecoming will be on November 23 at 9:00 a.m. at the Layton South Stake Center Address is: 505 South 1000 West  Layton, Utah. Everyone is welcome to attend!! ...

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Laoag --> Manila --> Laoag --> Manila --> Laoag
Thanks for the fake Ray Ban's from the members :)   Manila Temple Manila Temple   Alright people, first things first. SURPRISE! We went to Manila this week!!! Again. Hahaha right? We were as shocked as you were. It was super random. So I got a call from Pre...

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Camo Sweats With The Fur
Branch Trunk or Treat Clowns     This week was a long week of tracting! We did exchanges this week
and of course i went up to Cherry Grove but i pretty much just slept there and
came home. This Friday was our Halloween branch trunk or treat! It was a grea...

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Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven
These feet have served her well   Just clearing the way that the computers here just put a virus on both my memory cards so I don't have any pictures this week! And I had some way good ones to show you... :( It's alright. Next week na lang! It has been a pr...

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Red Team Champs!!! Because Sister Wood's competitiveness would not let her be on a losing team! Gotta love that about her   Team Wood Champs!! "Hahaha so yeah that was our team name and whenever we won all the elders chanted 24 days hahaha" Hellllllllllllll...

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Got Wood!!
  This is a serious pile of Wood!! (haha)   We did more service this week then I ever have! It was great! For
the first half of the week we chopped wood all day every single day. We have a
single less active sister that lives out a ways from town that own...

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Long time, no see.
I am going to preface this post by saying that I think Sister Wood must be pretty much fluent in Tagalog because she is definitely struggling with her English. I usually proof-read these and fix mistakes, but I just love that she is using Tagalog in her e-m...

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Service in St. Paul
Sorry about the gross pictures. I've been married to a Wood for long enough now that this doesn't even phase me, but it might be disturbing to some of you. Who would've thought that all those years of watching his own cows be butchered were actually prepari...

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If you are thinking about NOT reading this, you should probably think again!
Sister Wood love the Filipino children Family Home Evening on exchanges Playing with the local boys I love this picture - Sister Wood entitled it, "Imperfect Beauty" So if you are reading this, that means that you took my advice in the title, and I am super...
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