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Change your mind, change the world!
Change your mind, change the world!


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Request for Clarifications from Google on the Google+ Shutdown

I have developed a backchannel for getting feedback to the Google+ development team and am working with an informal team of volunteers to improve the flow of communications on Google+ shutdown priorities. This is the first public post regarding that process.

Our first priority -- and the focus of this post -- is getting clarification on a number of open issues having to do with the shutdown. Next up will be a focus on specific feature requests to improve Takeout and the resulting exported Google+ data. After that, we will turn to specific bugs that people are experiencing with Google+ Takeout data.

Your Feedback:
The Google Doc document linked to at the bottom of this post outlines a number of open questions for Google on the Google+ shutdown process as well as Google+ Takeout data. Please review it. If, after reading it, you have additional questions that you believe would benefit the broader Google+ community, please feel free to add that in a comment here.

To help us assess priorities, please plus others' comments that you believe are important.

I will be strictly moderating comments to keep the feedback on topic. To help us with this process, please keep your feedback pragmatic and focused on just the most important issues. The Google+ team is no doubt overwhelmed balancing many priorities right now, so we increase the odds of fixing things if we try to stay focused on what matters most. In describing your issue, please be concise and clear with your description (try to use the bullets in the document below as a model format). This will make it easier for us to incorporate your feedback for the Google+ team.

Sharing this post:
If you decide to share this post, (which I encourage you to do to help get the word out) please disable comments on your share and direct people back to this original post for their comments. It's just too much work to monitor and track feedback on lots and lots of different shares of this post. We will also have a few people sharing this post on a handful of communities and monitoring and incorporating comments from there.

To be clear, there is no guarantee that Google will be able to resolve all the issues that this feedback process identifies. With that said, I have reason to believe that the team is listening and that this informal feedback process is a worthwhile expenditure of energy.

It takes a community...
This process has taken, and will continue to take, a bunch of work by me and people like +Julian Bond, +Luc Jallois, +Michael K Johnson, +John Lewis, +Edward Morbius, +Bernhard Suter, and +Filip H.F. Slagter. If you’re interested in helping, please let us know. We are particularly interested in people who have spent time digging into the Takeout data, but could also just use help getting the word out as we gather input from Google+ users.

The Document:
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I apparently fulfilled December 1 without realizing it!

Enjoy! (Cirque de Soleil, Nashville, December 1, 2018)
Each year I like to make this fun post. This year I was reminded by +Mark Barrus to put it out there.

See if you can name each Christmas Carol!
Each one of these cartoons depicts a different cartoon. Have fun!
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I have been looking in the wrong direction. (Article from last April that I missed...)

Since DJT took office and started the steel and aluminum tariffs, I was looking for how Manafort would be "made whole" with Deripaska (the aluminum kleptocrat, friend of Putin, to whom he owed 19 million dollars).

It never occurred to me that DJT would just annihilate Deripaska through the aluminum and steel tariffs, not find a way to get money to cover Manafort's debts.

I just found this little article down in the weeds: that the United States would ONLY lift the tariffs on RUSAL if Deripaska divested of his holdings. I guess that's a global mob squeeze if I ever saw one.

You mess with me? I do not even threaten you with broken knees, or poison your kids, or chop you up and put you in suitcases, I use the power of the entire U.S. government to take ALL your money and you can live as you will. I guess that's the way they play this.

Wow, how are they going to get back at DJT for all this? I bet he thinks he can just blow them off in "bankruptcy" as if they were schmucks like the honest tradespeople he screwed over at the DC hotel for 5 million dollars. (From 2017:

And Manafort? (Why he is in solitary is for his own protection from the global mobsters.) He's got it coming to him from "both sides." The law on one side (Mueller et al), & the wrath of Putin, MBS and Deripaska (the "winner" of the aluminum wars) on the other.

I cannot figure out how all these people could not see that that was the way it would end...

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First Reading at Catholic Masses today around the world.

Jeremiah 31:7-9

לא נשכח
Thus says the LORD:
Shout with joy for Jacob,
exult at the head of the nations;
proclaim your praise and say:
The LORD has delivered his people,
the remnant of Israel.
Behold, I will bring them back
from the land of the north;
I will gather them from the ends of the world,
with the blind and the lame in their midst,
the mothers and those with child;
they shall return as an immense throng.
They departed in tears,
but I will console them and guide them;
I will lead them to brooks of water,
on a level road, so that none shall stumble.
For I am a father to Israel,
Ephraim is my first-born.

Fitting that this will be the first Reading at Catholic Masses Sunday, around the world. Jeremiah 31:7-9

(Tom Wolf is Pennsylvania's governor. Click for more pics & his words of consolation.)
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Not sure what is going on with the link, but I did have an editorial published by Knoxville News Sentinel (USA Today) today! The title of the editorial is, GOP wants to make America not America . For some reason the title doesn't come up with the link, only a pic of me (!). Maybe they're getting some trouble for publishing an anti-GOP editorial in a pro-Republican area? ;') I do not know. Please read and let me know what you think.
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Got an anti-GOP editorial published in a Republican leaning newspaper today. Small victories...

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if you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
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