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DEBRANDING - a networked society

A good control-refresh for the brain: learn to make money from things we genuinely do need. It's not so much about debranding as it is about not bullshitting people. Bring quality, appreciate things done well. Wholeheartedly.

From the article:
"[..] from branded products to branded places: stores and their owners who select and sell the products they like. Instead of brands, real people and real tones of voice will become the interface between consumers and products again [...] it is totally in line with today’s networked society [...] increasingly in the Internet age, consumers are comfortable with the idea that everything is interconnected. So what distinguishes brands is less important than what brings things and people together [...] The brand that screams the loudest no longer commands the most attention; the one that offers something genuinely useful does."

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And that's how to do it.
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