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Dr. Aravind Yelery (葉文) is an Assistant Director & Associate Fellow at Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), New Delhi. He was associated with Shanghai Ji-Ou (Sino-European Commerce Ltd.) as a Sr. Corporate Consultant (Research).

Dr. Tara Shankar Shaw is the Assistant Professor at IIT Bombay. His primary interest is in applied labor economics and corporate organizational theory.

We welcome you both to the flagship Industry-Academia Conclave 2016 program of IIM Shillong PGPExecutive. Thank once again! #IIMSIndustryAcadConclave

HTC One X + International (enrc2b)

I updated yesterday from CM11 Snapshot M12 to SNAPSHOT-XNG3CAO1L6 OTA. I didn't have a recovery and post update IMEI & Baseband is unknown and cannot access networks (Wifi, Cellular).

I tried factory reset to no avail and sad part is I've no recovery file. I have backup of media/contact in laptop, but urgently need to sort out IMEI issue to start using cell / wifi. #Help   #CM11   #IMEI   #Unknown  

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Roads - The Beast Within
For a normal guy, the
“aam-aadmi”, I’m a very frequent traveller. I relish every opportunity to pack
my bag and go on a trip, be it for work or personal purposes or on a holiday.
The road excites me always. It inspires me, gives me joy & tells me
stories. I...

Can someone give me a google inbox invite??! Can't wait to access & google hasn't given an invite since request sent couple weeks ago.

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Now thats medication. :D
Originally shared by ****
So this is what they used to put in old time cough syrup. 

No wonder it was easier to sleep back in the day. 

#Medicine   #History  

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2 Days in Shanghai!
World Expo 2010, Shanghai - China
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