The Result of the Epic Star Wars Costume Contest

Congrats to brother +Keith Cramer on the win! Degree of difficulty and budget constraints (and non-weighted judging based on closeness to the movie originals?) were my downfalls!

More pics and video coming! I took about an hour walk in my local area in the C3PO costume; visited an ice cream shop and a Mexican restaurant. lol ;-)

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The Result of the Epic Star Wars Costume Contest
Now it is time, after more than three fun weeks, to announce the winner and the loser of the Star Wars costume contest between +Scott Cramer and +Keith Cramer. Both the bystanders, the secret jury, the contestants, and the contest Overlord have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of all the shenanigans related to, and inspired by, the contest - but it is not completely over yet; there's still the matter of ridiculing the loser with his Slave Leia costume in a hangout at a soon, though not yet established, time.

The Winner is... +Keith Cramer!
Both Cramer brothers managed to create costumes clearly superior to the costumes in the reference photo and thereby there's only one loser: +Scott Cramer, who in the coming days will face Google+ ridicule, especially the Slave Leia hangout. In addition to seeing Scott Cramer being made fun of, Keith Cramer also wins a few days of honor/promotion from the contest Overlord and whom else willing to honor a true winner (which hopefully means at least a few of the secret jury members).

The Results
24 judges voted on two matters:

#1: Whether the costumes were better than the general quality level of the costumes in the reference photo:
- +Scott Cramer's C-3PO: 20 yes, 4 no
- +Keith Cramer's R2D2: 19 yes, 5 no

#2: Which of the Cramer brothers' costume was the best:
- +Scott Cramer's C-3PO: 3 votes
- +Keith Cramer's R2D2: 21 votes

Unveiling the Secret Jury
While the Google+ part of the secret jury consisted of 21 members, only 18 showed up to submit their votes today (however, everyone are still included here). In addition there were 6 IRL judges, which bring the total number of judges up to 27, consisting of 10 females, 16 males, and 1 other. The Google+ secret jury members were: +Andrew Clifton-Brown, +Carrie Canup, +Charlie Hoover, +Dee M, +Dirk Reul, +Erik Runge Madsen, +Eugene Mah, +Jack Hardman, +Jannik Hansen, +Jenni Brush, +King Uke, +Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen, +Luis Roca, +M Stange, +Mary C., +Mellie B, +Mz Maau, +Ninja On Rye, +Ralf Sparr, +Sarah Rios, and +Thomas Price.

Gratitude for the Huge Support
I, the contest Overlord, would very much like to say thank you to everyone who've taken part in this contest and the many interesting, entertaining, and silly conversations sprung along the way. You all made it fun to organize the contest and thereby ensured that I in the future gladly will be willing to take on similar projects.

Now it's time to analyze and discuss the hell out of the costumes, hopefully including some over-interpretations and obscure comparisons.

Links to the Overlord's Contest Posts
- The original contest post:
- The (humorous) 1st update:
- The (informative) 2nd update:

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