At the beginning of a new day, the sun pointed to where we could find some color.

While I continue to process more photos from my trip to Japan, I thought I'd take this time to share another shot from the great weekend I had in Utah. This is the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. A small group of us decided to head out there early to catch the sunrise and to shoot the area before it became saturated in color. As the sun rose and blue hour touched the valley, we were all walking around trying to find some interesting compositions of of the temple itself.

When we came across this part of the property, the sun started to touch the temple as if it was telling us where to focus. So I setup and fired off a shot. There are other great photos from this point of view from the other Jarviewalkers, but I think a touch of +Brian Bach Sørensen setting up under a tree makes mine a little unique, don't you think? he he. ;-P

#Jarviewalk #FestivalofColors #SacredSunday
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