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Henry I and the White Ship, 1120
King Henry I achieves many great things during his life but written history is not kind to him. Rather than focus on his hard work to modernize the legal statutes of government into the ‘Charter of Liberties’ our popular history has gazed instead upon his c...

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Blackbeard's demise, 1718
Blackbeard is the most famous pirate that ever lived. Who can forget a man so successful, dangerous and terrifying to look at. It is all a far cry from his origins. His first experience of the seas is gained with the English Navy but when the lure of great ...

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1899 Churchill Prison Escape
Winston Churchill was one of our finest Prime Ministers.
His resolute spirit during the war is widely celebrated. Few are aware though
that this stubborn streak is part of his character even from a young age and
gets him into a lot of scrapes when he is onl...

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Margaret Thatcher's Fall from Power, 20 November 1990
Thatcher is without doubt a remarkable woman who as Prime Minister makes a huge
indelible mark on British society that we are still feeling today. She is also
very divisive as is most apparent in 1990 when a leadership contest is held
against her b...

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Jack the Ripper and his Last Terrible Murder in 1888
The macabre fascination with all things related to Jack the Ripper will continue for a long time. Much of it comes from the fact we still have little idea as to just who he was. We do however have some tantalising information about who he might have been ba...

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Grace Darling and her Heroism with a Rowing Boat in 1838
The 7th September 1838 is an unremarkable day in many ways and history records would not mention it except for the heroic efforts of Grace Darling. A major catastrophe is in the making when the SS Forfarshire’s boilers stop working and it drifts, hitting so...

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1878 Princess Alice Disaster along the River Thames
What happened to the Princess Alice passenger liner in 1878 is a tragic event very few people know about these days in spite of it being the biggest ever maritime disaster in British waters. Back in 1878 the River Thames is a foul smelling, disgustingly uns...

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The Extraordinary Death of the Duke of Buckingham, Part 2
For Part One check here . It seems that Buckingham is untouchable. Clearly protected by the king, Buckingham heads off to Portsmouth to start organizing another sea-going venture. It is here though that events take a turn for the unexpected. What he does no...

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The Extraordinary Death of the Duke of , Part 1
Duke of Buckingham is one of the most despised people alive in the era of King
James I. His Majesty’s decision to allow the Duke to get involved in policy
matters and decision-making he is ill suited to proves to be ruinous for the
nation. In the proces...

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The Salmesbury Witch Trial, Part 2
(Check out Part 1 here ) The
charges against the women are very serious. Whilst the Pendle witches are
accused of maleficium (harm by witchcraft) the Salmesbury women are instead
charged with the child murder and even cannibalism. Fourteen-year-old Grace So...
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