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Story has just started...
Story has just started...

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Whole Wheat Sunflower Seeds Bread
It's been a while not posted and cooked anything special! So thought of doing the COME BACK with everyone and mine favorite 'Baking'! After referring to many website thought of making the Sunflower Seeds Bread and that too NO Sugar! Isn't it amazing to know...

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Chocobar Icecream
Who doesn't love this Icecream! We hardly get it here of the same taste that of India! So thought of making this. It happened like this! I first made this Chocobar Icecream, but then while taking it out - it didn't come out with the Chocolate, so kept it in...

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Chocolate Chip Icecream
With the School, I have started - life has been so busy in just couple of days! So got delayed in sharing the Recipe of this yummiest ice-cream. I have joined the Medical Billing Certificate Course which is little intense for me due to non-science backgroun...

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Mango Saga Continues with Kulfi
Our love for Mango is infinite! I just can't resist whenever I see them :) :) And now, after writing recipes and sharing with you all, I always thought of trying something new so in this way I also learn :) :) So how this Kulfi Mania happen! One of my virtu...

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Mango Icecream
Finally we got to see one of highest temperature day :) :) :) And didn't want to waste that day without our favorite 'Dessert' having an ICE CREAM. So thought of making Mango Ice cream. Temperature was excellent and so as Mangoes! So bana dala :) :) :) with...

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Mango Rosette
In plain and simple Language - We both love mangoes :) :) :) Simply love them! In our friends' group, we were the first one for this season to get Mango Dabba :D :D  I feel so happy seeing this King Fruit! So thought of making this King, Queen of Roses with...

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Bread, Semolina Bread!!
Again one more experiment with Baking Breads! Simply, I don't why love baking breads a lot and we do need it for our morning breakfast :) :)  Saw one of the posts of Sooji Bread in one of the food groups and made my mind to try my hands on it! And look at t...

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Mini Spinach Corn Roll Ups Lasagna
Italian Food Jain Style! Isn't it an amazing combination ever if you are not eating 'Onions and Garlic' Well that's the whole charm of Indian food twisting even the International Dishes :) :)  These cute Mini Lasagna Rolls up came up with the help of Pinter...

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Desi Masala Bread
Baking breads are fun and that with all Desi Masala into it, makes it more delicious and fun to eat! Specially those lovely flavored sandwiches, it is just so yum :) :) :)  It was been a while I baked after coming from India! So thought of trying the differ...

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Guacamole Salsa
Green is the color I am looking forward to it :) Spring is on the way for the Welcome and so is the Spring Foods :-) I bake breads at home and all the time I think about the spread on it and was browsing on Pinterest for the same! Look what I found! Guacamo...
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