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Hi everyone.

Is there one or two chromebooks that is a particularly good choice to turn into a linux laptop? I know Intel machines are better than arm, 4go is better than 2, yadayada... But all machine seem to have a significant amount of post installation work in order to bring them on par with their former ChromeOS functionality (almost in my case. Still can't get my Falco to suspend more than once).

Are there chromebooks that just-work after you're done installing? (or close)

I have succesfully installed #Ubuntu as the sole OS on a HP #Chromebook 14. It doesn't work well post-install, but it works well 2 hours of script-executing and config files copypasting.

Let it be known: If you have the hardware-fu to swap the puny HD for a more sizable one and the CLI-fu to follow instructions of other real hackers, chromebooks make for excellent GNU/#Linux computers.

I can't find the tilapia M2, though it was announced a month ago. Am I looking wrong?

I just had to say it: Using #Bitpay is infinitely simpler-easier than using #Paypal. Incidentaly, it's also cheaper and less likely to result in your eternal damnation. People! Y U No #Bitcoin?

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When I write, I try to sound as #hetero as possible. Though I have lots of respect for people that can write in compassionate and emotional way and still make a point, but I went down another road. I aim for the brickwall-busting-sledgehammer #manly-man-mudjahidin chest-thumping style. For better or for worse.

Now, the subjects I write about are seldom #testosterone loaded. I mainly deal with human nature, geopolitics and boring shit like that, not monster trucks. And yet, I find it very hard to banish the #macho expressions from my vocabulary. As willfully illustrated in the introduction paragraph. The #humanist in me doesn't like it. Not one bit. But my brain keeps shortcutting on them.

A recent controversy on the use of #racist slur made me realize this : Using the word "#gay" as a pejorative qualifier is not at all looked down upon. Nothing near the use of racial slur such as "#nigger", which is bordering superstition in its tabooness. But "gay" is totally mainstream. The hierarchy of awesomeness is very #genderbiased : Mujahidin beard, curled up mustache, hair chest, balls at the top. #Fag, gay, #homo, #pussy at the bottom. To the point that, when I hear the word "fag", I think "total lack of class" before I remember that it's supposed to be a homo thing.

Just imagine a parallel universe where awesomeness would be rated according to fairness of skin. "OMG, this cat video is so scandinavian !" (meaning "#balls"). "This was by far the most nigger film I've seen." (about Pearl Harbor). Big no-no, ain't it ? But "Pearl Harbor is so gay, you have to be a pussy to like it" is just fine.

So far, it has become almost impossible to talk about race issues for lack of non-taboo vocabulary. I don't think we should get to that point. But the homo/hetero, balls/pussy scale of awesomeness is downright wrong. Know it, feel it, and bring back the grammar #feminazi.

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Des difficultés à trouver un billet de blog contre la Neutralité du Net ? Ne cherchez plus.

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#Bitcoin bank robbed for a few thousand Bitcoins.

Isn't one of the points of Bitcoin that you keep your whole stash at home ? That we don't really need banks ?

Anyway, the low amount was probably not even worth the risk and trouble. They still might get caught.

So, my friend lend me some cash and I want to pay them back but, for some reason, we cannot meet in person. How do we do that?

* #Paypal takes 5% (and they go out of their way to kill businesses that disrespect WASP morals. Every time you use Paypal, you hang a nigger).
* Bank wire takes 3 days and works only within a goddamn country. At least for my bank. But still. 3 days? A letter is faster.
* Sending a signed cheque is just, so wrong. Then the other party must, like, walk to his bank. WTF people ! 21st century ! Anyone ?

It seems that the second best way to pay, send money or otherwise exchange value from one person to another is to stuff cash in an envelope. There's always the risk that it will be "lost", but it is probably lower than 5%.

The first best way ? Well, #bitcoin of course.

Gather around kids, and hear the story of lil' Jon.

It's year 2000, Y2K didn't happen. Jon Lech Johansen is one relieved high-schooler. Now that that's behind, he decides it is time to watch a good DVD. Unfortunately, Jon has a linux computer. And the evil overlords that made the DVD format decided that the video on it should only work on "compliant" players (players made by companies that paid them ransom money). So it worked on Windows because Microsoft ponied up the cash. And on Mac, because Apple did the same. But linux is made by good people and they didn't want to deal with no evil overlords. So all the DVDs that Jon had bought, he couldn't watch them. Fortunately, Jon is a very clever boy. He's learned programming all by himself, so he goes ahead and decrypts the DVD. Hey ! He bought them with his own pocket money after all.

Next thing he knows, the police is raiding his house, he's taken to the police station, and the judge tells him his facing 2 years in prison. Two years of legal battle later, the justice decided he should not rot in prison after all. But the overlords were not happy with this decision and sued him again for a year. He was acquitted again, of course, because Jon lived in Norway, and Norway is a cool place. But he still spent years wondering whether he would be locked up for solving a math problem. He was also very concerned that they didn't have wifi in the prison. But all ended up fine and, he was allowed to go home.

Thanks to him, people can play DVDs on linux computers, or any machine anywhere, instead of just the ones from companies that paid the overlords of videodiscs. The overlords are not too glad about that, but they are satisfied on one point. The world now knows that, if you displease them, they will come down on you with all the might of a nuclear bulldozer, and hammer your life so much that you'll feel like you've been gang-raped by a pack of wild gorillas on crack when they're done with you.
So watch out kids. Remember little Jon. If you ever get really good at something, make sure you don't use it to do something really awesome to millions of people around the world, that gets in the way of the cash flow of a big company.

#decss #drm
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