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I want to welcome home Atlantis and bid the Shuttle program a fond farewell. Onward and outward from here!
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Thank you, NASA for 30 years of shuttle flights and inspiration. Now it's time to move the ball forward. Ready? GO!
That's cool and we need to figure out how to get into Near Earth Orbit on less money safely (Space X is one possible route), but by "outward" I was pointing beyond NEO. Before the shuttle we journeyed to another world and we need to think big again.
Thinking big, ok, so instead of a camera in a cooler we strap hydrogen balloons to your star wars cockpit, and send you up in it. :)
What we really need to do now is identify our target out there. Once we find the goldilocks planet we'll have something to shoot for.
I think the only practical method of actually seeding other worlds would be to send tiny little genesis pods (with eggs, sperm, and a robomom) to as many candidate worlds as possible. Else it would take so long and so much energy to find a suitable one.
You would want to genetically engineer earth species to be pre-adapted to the environments you send them to. They would all have to travel for hundreds of years through space, so you'd want to get it right before you send them.
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