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Finding that I'm starting to write C declarations in go-form by accident instead of C-form since checking out golang. Thought it was awkward at first, but now it makes sense and seems easier to read.

Climbed Mission Peak to get a great view of Silicon Valley, saw some great blues music, had many a good microbrew, and finished it off in San Francisco with Pride Weekend. Crazy awesome weekend.

Writing a toy web server in C for fun and taking a 1 hour train ride with my roommate just to take a picture of the "1 Infinite Loop" sign at Apple HQ. Yeah, I don't think there's any question about my geekhood today.

I'm walking in the city minding my own business near the train station when I overhear two random people discussing radixsort's running time... Where else but here would that ever happen on a random street? Awesome.

Cycling, lifting, swimming, sushi downtown, beer tasting. Not a bad start to the week. Looking forward to BigDataCamp downtown tomorrow. Also on the lookout for free/cheap tech events and cons to attend this week in the Bay Area.

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45 years of Pet Sounds! What a fantastic album...

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Dr. John's newest album, produced by Dan Auerbach, just came out. Sounds amazing! Love to see him live if I ever get the chance...

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Looks like student applications are due soon for GSoC 2012! I'd recommend this program highly to anyone who's interested. Had a great time coding with the Tianocore project last summer - great mentors and an interesting project.

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Quick and easy way to verify your Github keys and ensure your account wasn't tampered with (there was a security hole found recently).
Verifying your ssh keys on github

In response to a recent vulnerability, is emailing all project owners and asking them to verify their associated public ssh keys. The email points you to verify your keys at:

What they left out of the email was how you find your public key's signature locally. Fortunately, it's easy. Just run:

 $ ssh-keygen -lf ~/.ssh/

The output will look something like:

 2048 ec:cc:40:10:dc:01:47:e1:0d:36:e2:4d:d2:89:41:01 .ssh/ (RSA)

Verify this fingerprint against the keys listed on github, and you're done.

(Your key might also be under ~/.ssh/identity or ~/.ssh/, depending.)
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