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#DentalFAQ : It's not OK to allow cavities in baby teeth! Even though they eventually fall out, primary teeth (baby teeth) are important for proper speech development and the ultimate position and health of permanent teeth.

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Young children lack the dexterity necessary to brush on their own until at least age 8. We encourage parents to supervise and help children make certain that every surface of each tooth is clean.

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You'll want to pass this on:
The 9 Secrets to Raising a Cavity Free Kid
1. Start Early.
2. Establish a “Dental Home” by age one.
3. Help with brushing until your child has proper dexterity.
4. No sleeping with a bottle containing anything other than water.
5. Fight decay with fluoride.
6. Seal out decay with sealants.
7. Healthy Diet = Healthy Teeth.
8. Regular Dental Checkups, 2x/yr.
9. Be an example.

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Ease Fear of the Dentist:
1. Schedule an informal "meet & greet" with the dentist!
2. Avoid negative words like "drill", "pain", or "hurt".
3. Plan the day around the visit and make it a fun, relaxed experience.
4. Understand your OWN fear and don't pass it on.

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Children’s teeth can be flossed as soon as two teeth touch each other. Kids should clean between their teeth once a day, every day, with floss or flossers to remove plaque and food where a toothbrush can’t reach.
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