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It is not true that people of high principles are ill-suited for politics. High principles have only to be accompanied by patience, consideration, a sense of measure and understanding for others. It is not true that only coldhearted, cynical, arrogant, haughty or brawling persons succeed in politics. Such people are naturally attracted by politics. In the end, however, politeness and good manners weigh more.

-- Vaclav Havel


When General Kim Jong Il shouts to the mountains
Lightning strikes and valleys shatter! …
With General Kim Jong Il's wondrous strategy
Enemy lines collapse and our foes wail! …
Under General Kim Jong Il's amazing leadership
Korea goes forth and Juche goes forth!

-- "Thunder Over Jong Il Peak", North Korean military anthem

Have you dealt with the Software Freedom Conservancy? Broadly, what are the best and worst things about it? As a project gets pulled in, one must decide on where legal authorities lie, for example over the checkbook. What does that look like... are there gotchas?

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Ant colony + tons of cement. Greets to my colleagues at Swarmlab.

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"We understand human mental processes only slightly better than a fish understands swimming."

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quine, noun & verb: a computer program that takes no input and emits its own source code as its output. Such self-reproducing programs can be instructive and fun, leading to some quite ingenious and impressive coding.

Quines were named by Douglas Hoftstadter after the philosopher William Van Orman Quine, who was known for his work indirect self-reference and Quine's paradox:

"Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation" yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation.

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So you think you know C? If you read this and learn nothing, you either have (1) poor attention to detail or (2) great C skills. If you learn something, you're a skilled programmer and learner. If you learn loads, you may not have been as good as you thought you were... but you're now on the right path.

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Street art is often pervasive and inscrutable

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ODR violation bugs come up all the time in my world. They're awful. One always wonders whether the strange bug du jour might not just be due to the wrong library getting picked up by A simple idiom catches these...
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