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Shae Lilly
~The Dreamer~...Wishing -N- Praying for a Brighter Future :)
~The Dreamer~...Wishing -N- Praying for a Brighter Future :)

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I'm pretty sure I know where I stand now....

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A really long poem...Lol :) Tell me whatcha think...

Love, Our Adventure
Memories, Our trail
It was "Bon Voyage"
When this thing set sail

No Boundaries amoung us
The stress far beyond us
We built our love up strong
Hammer and Nail

The winds of life more like a breeze
There was no storm we couldnt tame
I loved you cause it was so easy
Felt good to know you felt the same

The doubt fell down on me like hail
So hard to think you would deceive
The very one that truely loved you
But in you I wanted to believe

Your every word I took in
Like the words to this paper from this pen
In my mind it all set in
But thats when all the lies began..

And thus began this crazy ride
Every truth you tried to hide
Boy, your killing me, Homicide
Are you even on my side?

This Insanity sickens me
Everytime that i think back
To what we had; It was something serious
That we had this all down-packed

But as time told the sad truth
Which seemed so hard for me to see
After all the ups and downs
We simply just werent meant to be

I have the heart for a second chance
But our paths have split; Nowhere to start
I hope we'll always still be friends
Forever 2 lovers, 2 friends, 1 Heart...

Its an original...tell me whatcha think...

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Happy Friday the 13th!! :) Mwahahahahaha!!!!
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Man my head hurts....anyone got an Advil???

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This guy is awesome! I'm proud to say a chicken can play pool better than me! :D

So ready for school now ;( I swear people these days juss dont have any freakin sense!! Gun shots outside my house last nite..gotta love the neighbors...smh

Yay!!! Its my birthday!!! Woo whoo!! <3
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