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I would like to have the ability to make stupidity unbearably painful.  And to have the level of pain be tied to a person's thoughts, not just their actions.  If they start thinking stupidly, the "ow" begins.
And since when is France a "superpower" in the world?  About the only things they kick the US's asses at is wine, cheese, and nuclear power generation.
Well, that and education, public transportation, medical care, social services, healthful foods, the arts, cuisine, telephone service...oh, and bread, of course.
Oh, and not to mention having a populace smart enough to recognize that religion has absolutely no place in government.
+Donald ZEPP You have a point with the religion vs. government thing, but I would disagree on the education, social services, healthful foods, arts, cuisine, and telephone service.  Their government was so deficient in many of these respects, that they had to join the European Union in order to remain solvent.  That's not the actions of a "superpower".  
I came very much to appreciate French superiority in these (and other) things when I moved my family to Lyon.  After several years, I sadly was forced to return to the US for family reasons.  I would return in a heart beat to live there permanently.

By the way, the phrase "had to join" is hardly correct; France was a creator of the EU.  Remember that they were one of the Inner Six that started the 1950s process that formed the EEC, which has grown to become today's EU.  
+Donald ZEPP I rest my case.  They realized back in the 1950's how much unlike a superpower they were, that they became part of the "inner six".  
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