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Petra Cosgrove-Tremblay
Known as Muirenn ingen Ui Muirchertaig, resident of Aethelmearc in the SCA
Known as Muirenn ingen Ui Muirchertaig, resident of Aethelmearc in the SCA


So my body decided that it could only handle so much stress, and I was stuck in bed with a sinus migraine for the last day and a half.. now that I'm moderately functional.. allow me a stream of consciousness rant.

All of you liberals and intelligent moderates who didn't bother voting? Or voted for Jill Stein? Particularly in the swing states? Don't talk to me for a month or two, and don't you dare bitch about how things turned out - this is YOUR fault. If the Jill voters in Michigan had voted for Hillary? She would have won there, and this would all look VERY different. Hillary wasn't my first choice, but did anyone REALLY think that this wouldn't be a close election?

I want to leave.. I have friends in Toronto, I could find a job easily enough. Greg could find a job easily enough.. I do.. Desperately.. The fact that so much of this country thinks he is even vaguely qualified to be President of the United States is terrifying... But I love this country in spite of it, and don't think I'm going to.. as much as I want to..

I'm angry.. I'm hurting.. I'm scared for my daughter.. I'm terrified by the number of violent monsters who are taking this opportunity to threaten and hurt people.

I'm TERRIFIED of the fact that he has not just won the presidency, but has taught the republican party that this extremist bullshit isn't just something that could win primaries, but that could energize so many people into supporting hatred. He is walking in with a red congress that will hand him whatever he wants, carte blanche.

I'm TERRIFIED that the Notorious RBG is mortal, and although I doubt she will retire while he's in office, he might replace her anyway.

But what do I do but keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep fighting hatred and violence with honesty and acceptance. Stand up for those who are being hurt, step in the way of those who are so scared of sharing power that they are lashing out like children.

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Before & After. Liked it before.. love it now. :D


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Walked the pups this evening in just a sweatshirt... Awesome!!!
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Spreading the word.
Signal Boosting

The Kingdom of Atlantia is attempting to locate a set of Coronets used by the Prince and Princess of Atlantia.

The coronet are made up of as set of hinged, silver plaques with golden Fleur de lis at the top.

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Christopher MacConing OL, OP, Provost
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I love my daughter's school.. 

so much.

and I just want to curl up and sob that 10 year old girls have to go through this shit.. 

I am.. so fucking tired of the fact that the basic belief that she is JUST AS FUCKING GOOD as a man is so damned scary to these parents that they've raised their son's to want to do anything in their power to squash that belief in women.. and that there are parents that have raised their daughters to believe that Fi's strength and bravery and intelligence is a threat to their "boyfriends" somehow. 

I am so angry and so tired.. and I am SO proud of my daughter.. because she is SO strong and so intelligent and so brave and she's on the front line of this one, and all I can do is write her teachers and stand up proud and tall for her.. and rail against a stupid society where a little girl has to defend her right to be fucking amazing.
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... there are some who call me Tim.. thank you +Anthony Loinaz!
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I love my daughter.. while walking on the commons, we saw a sign that Holy Grail was playing on the big screen at the State Theatre...

Fi begged Greg to go se it.

I am doing parenting right.

Obviously we are now in the theatre. :D
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Hey look, something finished for #fofriday

(Half of it is a cabled ear muff, the other half is a four stitch wide band... meant to be worn with my husband's hats, which are more western and less cowboy.. so covers his ears, but is narrow enough at the front to not get in the way of the hat).
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Hmmm.. Aecademy is happening in Myrkfaelinn this fall.. YEAH! 

I'm coordinating with the Aecademy Chancellor to manage the classes (poor +Jenn Strobel)... but this raises the key question. 

What am I teaching.  I've taught women's lit 3 times in the last six months.. and I feel pretty and period the same number.  So I need to do something else or I will feel like I'm being a slug..

Someone else can do intro to spinning, although I can teach that, it's not my strong suit because I have a hard time explaining what I do.. ("there is no right or wrong, the goal is to twist the fibers into yarn... just listen to the yarn, it tells you when it's been spun enough, you'll be fine." is really hard to express without sounding like a ninny (I am not a technical spinner, as I was reminded over war, lol.. GOOD, but not technical). 

hmmmm... I could do a class on research, but not everyone has the resources I do, so that isn't fair.. (I love Cornell Libraries... so very very much... lol)

Must think.. I have a little bit of time to figure this out.
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