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Cars for the Consumer Where do you fall in this spectrum?
How can we start preparing for the needs (and safety) of mature motorists? 
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I help a lot of seniors at my job. It's all about empowerment, giving seniors the ability to drive is great because, A) They're going out more, which is better for their health than staying home all day. B) They don't have to feel dependent on others for rides, and like they are a burden on their friends, neighbors, or family. C) They are better able to make it to medical appointments. Of course, seniors should recognize when they can no longer drive. That's a hard one, and it can be very depressing for some seniors. Luckily there are services that provide transportation for seniors, many of which are also empowering. :)

My favorite program is that where seniors volunteer drive other seniors, and then when the volunteer is not able to drive any longer, they can be part of the program where other seniors can drive them. It's a beautiful system where they can be taken care of the system they invested so much of their own time to. :)
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Joel Arellano

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Cars for the Consumer The all-new +Ford Motor Company Ranger. Thoughts? 
The Ranger gets a rugged new look that borrows styling cues from the Everest SUV.
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Ford shouldn't have to worry about competition between the ranger and the F 150 , 250 , 350 and up because some people will always need a full size pick up truck for hauling bigger and heavier loads like ranchers , big boats , car haulers , big campers and construction/industrial equipment .
A ranger will handle light and intermediate payloads and has better fuel economy.
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Joel Arellano

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Indeed I am—it’s part of the reason I'm waiting for the 2016 VWs to appear before really going into New Car Search Mode this fall, because they will support Car Play (as well as Android Auto and Mirror Link) in their new head units. 
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Joel Arellano

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How about not driving with your pet in your lap!
They are more distracting than texting, less distracting than reading a book/newspaper.
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Joel Arellano

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Cars for the Consumer Seriously consider bringing in your +Honda vehicle to your dealership.
Honda is preparing to launch a widespread advertising campaign urging customers to take recalled vehicles equipped with defective Takata air bags to dealerships for repairs.
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Cars for the Consumer Some important news if you own a +Nissan and +Infiniti USA vehicle.
Nissan has broadened a previous recall to add 640,000 more cars in the U.S. and Canada out of fear that faulty latches could cause hoods to fly up on the road or highway. With the addition of 2013 to 2015
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Mercedes plans to launch its first pickup truck by 2020, targeting sales at the European, Latin American, Australian and South African markets. The automaker hasn't decided yet whether to sell the pickup in the U.S, Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, told the Wall Street Journal.
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Mitsubishi hopes to continue U.S. sales momentum with update of Outlander SUV for 2016. It'll be unveiled at the New York auto show in April, where Mitsu has highlighted key models recently.
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Cars for the Consumer Covering the 2015 #Ford EcoBoost Challenge #EcoBoost15

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Cars for the Consumer Own a +Toyota USA Camry, Camry Hybrid, Highlander, Highlander Hybrid or RAV4? Please read the following:
A recently-published Reuters report has revealed that Toyota Motor Corp in the US is recalling nearly 112500 vehicles, due to issues related to defective shift gear and electric power steering circuit board. According to the report, the vehicles being recalled by Toyota include approximately ...
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Cars for the Consumer Own a +Hyundai Worldwide  Genesis? Please read to see if it's affected by this recall.
Hyundai is recalling 24,400 of its latest Genesis luxury sedans because water can leak into the rear lights and possibly cause a malfunction on the instrument panel. In a filing with the National Highway
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