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Cars for the Consumer State by State

CHICAGO -- The Illinois Secretary of State's office has suspended mailing out notices that your vehicle registration is expiring. The move is blamed on the state's budget impasse. A spokesperson sa...
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Joel Arellano

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Cars for the Consumer Updates and fixes on that story where researchers hacked a 2014 +Jeep Grand Cherokee and controlled it remotely.
We read about “hacks” every day. All industries are potential targets of a hacker and the automotive industry has been no exception. Well-known hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek recently teamed-up with a WIRED reporter to publish a story that you may have read about or seen on the news.
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While Jeep may be in knee jerk reactive mode, the entire car industry better fix its shit. 
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Joel Arellano

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DETROIT (AP) — Toyota is recalling 625,000 Prius hybrid vehicles worldwide because they can stall without warning. Toyota says the software settings in the hybrid and motor control units could cause them to overheat.
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Joel Arellano

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Oregon becomes the first state to implement a tax that charges drivers by the miles they drive instead of the gallons of gas they purchase.
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Cars for the Consumer Ready for that roadtrip with the young ones? Here's some advice on how to keep one's sanity. 
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About this year's US presidential election opined by my old boss, +Keith Buglewicz. Solid, and succinctly reflects a lot of my own thoughts about the candidates.

"My last political post this year. It's long. You've been warned.

I hope 2016 will go down in history as the worst presidential election of my life, because I don't want it to ever be worse than this.

I've been a "disaffected voter" for years. I didn't pull the lever for a presidential candidate in 2012, because I wasn't very impressed with Obama's performance at that time, and Romney? Please. So I left it blank. That's one of the perks of living in California by the way: because it's such a safe place for the Democratic candidate, you can use your vote to protest in whatever way you want by choosing not to vote, or going for a Libertarian, Green, or even vote for Rosie O'Donnell (she was on the 2012 ballot, but even I'm not that nutty).

Not voting for a presidential candidate has been my plan all along for 2016. I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton. Her past is sketchy, and while 90% of the stuff floating around about her is pure horseshit, there's enough of a nugget of truth to the remaining 10% to give me pause. The e-mail thing is sketchy, and no thinking person could entirely buy the "whoopsiedoodle" excuse. Same with some of the accusations about the Clinton Foundation, its donors, and possible pay-to-play. Nothing is proven in either of these examples, and maybe it's just coincidence or whatever, but there's juuuuuuust enough stink to make me crinkle my nose, wonder "What IS that?" and avoid supporting her.

But then there's Donald Trump. Holy shit, Republicans, what the hell were you thinking? I understand the desire to "shake things up" and all that, but good lord, THIS GUY? He knows nothing about how government works, he's really not very good at running businesses, and the only skill I've observed him to have is convincing people that he's actually good at stuff. He's weirdly charismatic, I get that. He gets in good one liners. He's unconventional. But he's uncouth. He's undisciplined. He's unambiguously racist, sexist and xenophobic. He's the embodiment of the ugliest American and not somebody who is remotely qualified to represent this amazing nation to the rest of the world. If you think Hillary Clinton shouldn't be elected because she's accused of breaking this or that law, remember that Trump is currently accused of doing so much more, including actually raping a 13-year-old girl. It's just absolutely ridiculous how corrupt and vile this man is. The fact that he survived the vetting process of the primaries speaks volumes about how fundamentally broken the Republican party is, at least in my opinion.

Which brings me back to my choice: Vote for Hillary, vote for Trump or use my vote to protest in some way. And after all this, weighing the options and everything else, I have decided to stick with a protest candidate. In this case, it's Hillary Clinton.

We have come incredibly close to electing a human being who is dangerously unfit to be president. Donald Trump would indeed "shake things up." He would do it by ruining our nation's international reputation, by ruining our economy (look at how the stock market dips when his poll numbers go up), by turning Americans on each other in a way we haven't seen since before the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s, and if left to his own devices by ruining the very democracy that he would supposedly be leading. The idea of "President Trump" isn't funny anymore.

Why is Clinton a protest candidate? Because Donald Trump needs to be absolutely crushed in the most comprehensive way, and she's the only one who can do that. It's the only way to completely repudiate -- hopefully once and for all -- all of the dark, mean, and ugly things that Donald Trump represents. I do this knowing everything about Clinton and her own problems. At the end of the day, they're normal politician problems, the kinds of problems we've had to endure with other presidents. We can certainly survive four years of a Hillary Clinton presidency, at which point maybe the Republicans will have come to their senses and run a more reasonable candidate that even a moderate like me could feel comfortable voting for.

And so, because it is the most pragmatic solution in this terrible election year, on Tuesday I will hold my nose and say #ImWithHer.

But, please, can we all agree to do better in 2020?"
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Pretty much this, yes.
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Joel Arellano

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchoinne hopes the move will unlock the value of the brand and help fund his 5-year expansion plan.
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Hope to ride it someday...
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Cars for the Consumer State by State (CA)

Do you use +Uber ? If so, will this affect your commute?
A judge has recommended that the San Francisco-based ride-sharing service be fined and suspended for withholding data from the state. In order to avoid suspension, Uber has 30 days to pay the fine and make the data available...
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+Brett Bernstein Good question. Media is confusing. Seems the taxi unions/lobbyists are on them but for what may be legitimate reasons (i.e., skirting the laws). 
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Joel Arellano

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Cars for the Consumer Will having to pay only once to fix a particular car issue entice you to buy a +Volvo Cars ?
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A new law in Tennessee protects people who damage a car while trying to save a pet in distress when locked inside on a hot day.
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Well this is great if the person who is breaking in is actually someone who has a good heart and wants to help the animal.

Most good hearted folks don't in fact lock there animals up in a car with the windows up.

But I fear actual thieves and criminals are simply going to use this as a loop-hole.
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Joel Arellano

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Cars for the Consumer Six states look to increase the gas tax tomorrow. Do you live in one of those states? And if so, are you ready to pay the price?
Drivers in Idaho, Maryland, Rhode Island, Nebraska and Vermont will be charged more at the pump.
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