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Hey! Does GA have the ability to measure how many views f.ex a advertorial at a online magazine get? I know about the URL-builder, but it just measures clicks, not how many views the post have. I know its common to measure this, but I don't know if its possible without purchasing a big fancy analytics system.

What I've seen earlier is a "pixel counter", who contains some piece of javascript hidden in a 1x1 pixel image. 


I'm running a small marketing agency, where our bloggers writes blog posts for corporations. One of our clients wants to know how many readers did click on the link to their Facebook-page in the blogpost. We wasn't asked to track this, so its just a regular link. Is there any way to find out how many have clicked on a link when its just a "plain" link? 

If there is anyway to set this up for the future, I would be glad to hear :)

Hello! Does anyone have a suggestion for a good timeline plugin? I want to have  a page on my blog were I show the history of my company. I dont want to link to ALL off my posts, only some of them. And it needs to look sexy. Thank you in advance :-) 

Hello, a quick question: What is it called, the introduction title used in interviews to present the interview object? F.ex: "Eirik Nereng", "CEO at" I need to purchase some fine graphics for an interview video, but is lost in my norwegian vocabulary. Thank you!

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Vi har passert 3000 sjappere i Kristiansand! Fin fredag til dere :)
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Good evening guys/girls. Does anyone know how to find out how much traffic has been generated to your site through google image search?

When I go to traffic sources -> sources -> search -> organic, and set the primary dimension  to "source", I find a source named "". The problem is, it only shows 10 visitors the last month, of a total of 600.000. The site is a very visual blog using tons of images, so I cant believe its just 10. Am I looking at the wrong numbers? 
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