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Share my Secret Struggle... my life with Bpd
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" She couldn't believe it. Not for a second. But the damage was done. It was already too late. With tears in her eyes she turned away... hurt and alone again. She thought that he of all would understand, but it was her who told the truth. He's lost to her now... to be but a memory. and she just stood there, in disbelief, for only a moment. Wiped the tears away and began again on the path.. alone and broken."
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" Sometimes the very thought of him made her smile. Her usual stand offish stare softened, her thick ebony lashed lids slowly closed. . She sipped her tea, holding the rim near her lips for a moment, feeling the warmth of the mug in her hands. Thoughts of him danced in her mind, she imagined him so well, she could feel his breath on her neck. she tilted her head embracing the memory of a past kiss, a past but not forgotten moment in time. a deep, longing sigh forced its way out. The smile faded to a bittersweet half hearted attempt and she put down her mug. Elbows on the table and palms on her chin she drifted away to him again... trying to shake the sadness that suddenly took over her.  He was her reason to smile, to laugh, to love. He was her love, her laugh, her darkness. He was her place to hide when she was no longer safe in this world, when others would take advantage of the light she had to share. another heavy sigh. another longing wish. someday...."
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true story ..
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lol. Busted!
This cat was caught *fur* handed!!

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" every time he stares into my eyes, i see the universe... my world colliding with his. When our hands touch, time stops. With a smile, he breaks down every wall. My doubts fall away, my fear of falling fades. His embrace brings solace. His kiss takes away every painful moment. In his eyes, i am the only. There might as well be no other women here. To me, there is nothing.. only him. .. his love.. his smile.. his sweet, sweet whispered i love you's... Don't stop now.. i can barely breathe. Hold me close, catch me before the fall, and tell me you're waiting...My soul screams out to yours. "
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#RorschachDoodle I see...a doorway.
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" Her heart breaks and tears fall from her eyes. There was nothing she could do. With sad eyes she turned from him, knowing what she must do now. She drew in a breath, stood up straight, and held her head high. She was better than this, deserved more than what she has been given. Her voice was never her own before now. Her true feelings remained hidden from the world. In a sudden flash of epiphany, she knew exactly who she was. After all she had been though, she still had her heart, she walked away with her soul in tact. No matter what had been thrown at her, she had prevailed. . . so far. . .   
He called out to her, his voice shrouded in apology, in false promises, of a love that was never hers to begin with. For as moment, she wanted to look back, to believe him, to believe there was something. But she didn't believe. Not in him, not in his words, not anymore. she forced herself to make that step. . . the excruciating first step to walk in her own, to stand on her own. So much had been given, he had taken it all, giving nothing in return, leaving her broken, flightless. But no more. She took another step, another step away from him, taking in the freedom, the ability to breathe without him. he held out his hand, calling her name. . but she was already on her way. On her way to freedom.. to strength.. to being without him. No more bruise, no more broken dreams, and no more...."
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" Everyday without his touch breaks her heart. Her soul cries out his name only hoping he hears her pleas. The tears in her eyes are those of love, of a yearning for a soul that belongs only with hers. She wonders.. His eyes are perfect earthy pools, his scent is one that makes her knees weak. His kiss brings silence to an every wondering mind and his touch.. oh his touch, stops time dead in its tracks...the world falls away when she is beside him.. "
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Zombie nerds O.o
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I am a licensed Massage Therapist with an associates degree in science.
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Peotone - Manteno
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I am who i am i guess. How can one really describe who they are to anyone. I suppose you will just have to find out for yourself. i am a lover of love and life, i care about the world, the people in it, the creatures that are part of it, and life in general. I am not religious, though i do believe in something. I am not "spiritual" but i do seek enlightenment and wisdom. I am just another soul looking for her place in the universe. <3
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Made it through high school, went to college (2 licences:massage&skin care), 1 child, 1 husband, and 3, yes 3, felines.
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Ross's chicago records was not only over priced, they also have some very rude and disrespectful employees. One woman in the back was great! Didn't get her name, helpful and polite. One man there, a stocky guy with a hat had a serious attitude with me when i inquired about something i had just purchased that look like it has a manufacturer defect. He immediately asked me if i fired it...again just pruchased still in the plastic unused we hadnt even left the store yet. He made a sarcastic comment about deliberately selling broken materials and made me come to the back of the store to check it out. All the way running off at the mouth in the rudest manner possible. He threated to throw me out of "his" store as i tried to explain the situation and that the piece looked broke. I will never return here and will be sure to steer others i know from being disrespected for asking product questions. Worst experience ever. Stay outta chicago records.
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