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Speding Zer0 - It's a mindset!
As we've completed our first week of the spending zero challenge from Living Well Spending Less we've reflected on what we've learned so far. The site has daily assignments, which have been awesome and helped me to stay on course and daily reset my mind. Fr...

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Psalm 62:1
"Truly my soul finds rest   in God;      my salvation comes from him." Where do I turn when I need rest?  To Instagram? TV shows? A nap? A night off from my kids? A book?  These are all ways that I look for rest and salvation, an escape from my life. On the...

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Around the World Link-Up
– Tell us about your family. Mommy, Daddy, and two daughters – Tell us about where you live and how long you’ve lived there. We've lived in the Central Valley of California for 5 years, where the sun shines everyday and summer temperatures are over 100! We ...

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Slow, Simple & So Blessed...
We are now 1/2 of the way through our month of no spending! Hooray! While I will not pretend that it's easy, I will say that it's amazing how much I'm learning daily and how living frugally permeates all areas of life. I find myself driving slower on the fr...

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What I've learned so far...Day 3 of Spending Zer0
My family has embarked on a challenge from the lovely Ruth Soukup at in which you freeze your spending for 31 days - YIKES!!!! Ruth just featured the 31 days of Living Well Spending Zero (#31daysLWSZ) on her blog during the month ...

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What do I offer the world?
This past week was my first on Periscope. I am excited to navigate this new application with the #OctoberScopers group where we have daily prompts of topics to discuss. It's been fun to learn from others and connect with bloggers and other entrepreneurs. Th...

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The 7 year love my man even more
Celebrating 7 years of marriage today...with 2 young kids ;) We were able to get snippets of special time together today, hubby made me breakfast, we had an awesome dinner & enjoyed a movie night together. But most of the day was family time. We surprised o...

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NEW #Octoberscopers on Periscope!
Hi everyone! In the past few days I have discovered this wonderful little app called...Periscope. It's lovely! My friend, the Girl on the Move was posting about this thing called #Octoberscopers and since I'm a sucker for monthly activities that draw you in...

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Whole 30 Day 30
Today we have reached the end of our Whole 30 - a 30 day challenge designed to heal your body & reset to a baseline of health in order to then determine how one's body reacts to inflammatory foods. Foods we eat? All veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, meat, seafoo...
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