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Follow Page Saya.....

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Akhirnya bisa ber-malam mingguan dengan tenang, bareng mantan pacar.. yay...

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Baru Saja Buat Website Iklan Baris Gratis, Make Plugin Iklan Baris Cafebisnis buatan mas +Lutvi Avandi Kerenn....

ahk Selamat Datang di G+ +Emil Bahsuan

Nite All.. Ngantukk... Zzzzzz

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Coba ahk.,,..
$50.00 Google+ Giveaway by Me!
Myself along with thought we'd do a little experiment to test how fast word spreads on Google+ Compared to other Social Networks.

Here are the rules:

#1 Reply to this Thread (The Orginal One, not a shared one) Saying "Enter Me" You can also include what you like best about Google+

#2 Add me "Brian Krass" to one of your circles

#3 Share This Post

A $50 cash prize (Via Paypal) will be awarded to one random person who followed the 3 above tasks. The Prize will be awarded randomly by a simple number generator script once we get the 500th reply.

Let's see how long It takes to get 500 replies. Will it be 10 minutes? an Hour, a day? or longer?

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