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Year Two of Glass-Free Games begins on June 1st!

After a small hiatus, the GFG crew is returning with a new year of games and some exciting changes. Go to to check out the changes, including the updated patron reward levels, and see our post for more details about Year Two:

I'm really excited about the projects we have in the works for this year. :)

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Our February game officially wrapped up our first year of the Glass-Free Games Patreon! It has been an exciting, affirming, and exhausting year. To anyone who supported us, by being a patron, playing one of our games, or saying nice things about them, thank you. But, we're not done yet. See this announcement about our plans for year two!

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Announcing this month's Glass-Free game: Sincerely by me!

Sincerely is an epistolary larp about love that is new, confusing, and inconvenient. Two players write and mail letters to one another as the characters of two women living in 1850s London and Philadelphia in a long-distance romantic relationship. After five weeks, the players will have created a work of historical fiction telling a dramatic story of romance, anticipation, love, anxiety, and possibly grief and tragedy.

Head over to Drive-Thru RPG to download it for free and let me know what you think! Also, look for another announcement from us soon about the exciting (not tragic) future of the Glass-Free Games Patreon.

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I playtested Bluebeard's Bride at WisCon a couple of years ago and it was chilling and fantastic. Considering how great it was then, I'm pretty excited to find out how it has evolved since. Just in case anyone is still on the fence, you won't regret backing this!!
We did it. WE DID IT.

Three women made an amazing, chilling, beautiful game.

If you like beautiful art. If you like horror. If you like to be challenged and pushed to have novel experiences, to think differently. If you like mechanics so sharp they can cut. Well, we've made something for you. All we ask is to let it move you.

Question: Will there be coffee provided, either tonight or tomorrow morning? If not I could bring either a canteen or my coffee maker. Are there other coffee drinkers who would enjoy this?
+Arnold Cassell​

I am also going and excited! So many cool games!

Thanks for bringing the positivity +Kevin McIntyre.

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Join us! I'm excited about pretty much all of the games that have been submitted so far. It will be pretty difficult to pick my top choices.
Minnesota LongCon!

-Four sessions (an entire months-worth) in one weekend
-Meals included
-Each game gets a private room this year

(Game submission closes in 24 days)

Check the "Contact Us!" page to get into the discussion on facebook or g+

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The Credit Bureau - A Thing That Might Matter To You Today


At Metatopia, a group of us launched The Credit Bureau, an initiative to support and advocate for women and non-binary folks who verb games. Play, design, write, copyedit, admire - we don't care what the verb is.

With Gen Con fast approaching, it seems like a good time to invite people to join us. If you're interested drop us a line at

What we do -
* form care-teams for designers/industry pros who are at a systemic, socially reinforced disadvantage.
* support each other at industry events and gatherings

What we don't do -
* arbitrate what qualifies as "lady" or "non-binary trans". if you self-identify as either, you're welcome to join us and the invitation includes you. Yes, that includes various flavors of genderqueer and genderfluid. Look, we don't care, as long as you join us in good faith and honor the fact that we are specifically looking to create a women and non-binary space.
* check your credentials at the door or making you justify your existence. In fact, we will be making it clear to you how very valued you are, instead of you telling us why we should value you.

Yes, we really mean that if you are a woman creator, contributor, den mother, editor, tweaker, retailer, verber of any sort of games in any form, we'd like you to join us.

To express interest, email us at's an acronym that we'll explain later.)

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Yes! I love her stuff so much. A totally undervalued and untapped cannon. 

Needed: Suggestions for a tabletop RPG that meets these criteria

1. party unity (player characters working together toward a goal)
2. either no GM or low/no prep time for the GM
3. a light-ish tone. Some drama is fine, but the game should not revolve around interpersonal drama or really serious themes
4. a campaign game (running either weekly or every two weeks)

I'll be running this game and have narrowed it to a couple of ideas, but I'm sure you all know of some I'm not considering.
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