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An easy way to make your children smile this Christmas, with a really imaginative answer to how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in one night.

Hazel Nutt's Secret Santa Squirrels picture book is free on Kindle from now until 20th December.

Please tell your friends about it, download, read it and review it - your children will not be disappointed! 

You don't even have to have to own a Kindle to read it as you can get a free app to read it on your computer, smart phone or tablet (

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Top 50 Amazon Reviewer Grady Harp gave Secret Santa Squirrels 5 stars and said "The book is a complete charmer and belongs on the bedside table of every inquisitive child who questions Santa Claus’ abilities…and secrets"

Want to take a look?

Free review copies available until 9th December here:

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Is there a place for poop in picture books?

Hazel Nutt has written a picture book that (shock, horror) mentions reindeer poop!  I think its going to be a marmite book - you are either going to love it or hate it. But, is it ever right to write about poop, boogers or farts in picture books?

Personally, I think that most children find farting, boogers and poop mentioned in books very funny and for a lot of them the mere mention has them in fits of giggles.   My two year old daughter takes great pleasure in showing me her poops, boogers, earwax, you name it. At the moment whenever she farts, she shouts SAVS as thats what her Dad says when he lets rip, passes wind, farts - you get the drift!

I think that you can mention farts, boogers, poop in a tasteful way - we are great fans of David Chuka's the Fartastic Adventures of Billy and Monster series and Xavier Finkley's Benny's Boogers.  

But there are some people that think there is no place for poop (except in the loo) in kids books.  I suppose its one of those "unmentionable" subjects - a taboo, even though we all do it, most of us everyday. The contents of some nappies is enough to knock you out cold, I'm sure most parents have experienced that, so why take offense at the mention of poop in a picture book.  

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what I think is really important is what entertains the children and makes them laugh.

Maybe the mention of reindeer poop in a Christmas picture book is not entirely appropriate and it will never be a bestseller, as one of my review requestees nicely put it, but we had fun writing and illustrating it and our friends' kids seem to enjoy it immensley.

What is your opinion of poops, boogers and farts in picture books?

(If you'd like take a look at our picture book that mentions reindeer poop - you can get a free review copy from Story Cartel:

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Need to create some buzz about my new picture book - Secret Santa Squirrels - it starts like this:

"Just How does Santa deliver 60,000 presents a second,
In 31 hours, without going completely around the bend?"

"Well the answer is magic reindeer poo
And Santa's little squirrel friends too!"

And if that's enough to pique your interest, please help by asking me for a free PDF review copy - Thank you & always happy to repay favours.

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My Mum is trying to promote my new picture book called Secret Santa Squirrels - I really need to giveaway some PDF review copies - the book is about how Santa really manages to deliver 60,000 presents a second and how they'd be no Christmas without squirrels.  Find out more below and always happy to return a favour.

Can some one tell me is it just as helpful to write amazon reviews on site and have them as verified purchases, or just on .com, but not as a verified purchase, or should I do both (if I'm allowed)?  What is best for the author?

As a parent, have you ever thought about writing a picture book for your children? What is stopping you?

Have you done it already - what were your biggest stumbling blocks?

What would be your burning questions if you could ask anything about creating a picture book?

My Mum wants to write a book about creating picture books aimed at parents and wants to make it as comprehensive as possible, and/or answer questions not answered in the book, on a website instead.  

Please help by answering :)

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Book Review from Toddler Point of View - Where are the Dinos by Julia Dweck 

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Book Review from Toddler Point of View - Where are the Dinos by Julia Dweck 

Does/did your toddler find it funny when you (Mum or Dad) hurt themselves or say "ouch"?
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