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So, now... How do I remove all those Google+ calendar reminders for the birthdays of strangers from my phone?

I have not signed in to Google+ for years.

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Dirty b*stard!!!
Thoughts? comments? opinions?
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Totally amazing if you like stars and space and stuff....

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Best costume ever!

via reddit

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I don't think the people that this mocks, are going to understand this!
Yup, it finally happened. One of my all-time favorite comic book writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, and directors, Joss Whedon, has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

I'm truly shocked.

#JossWhedon   #MittRomney   #ZombieApocalypse

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Wow -this is real!
Cloud 10 by Bjoern Lauen

In the very early hours of October 10th 2012, the fog hangs low in the city at the Arabian Ocean. A clear sign of season change, this spectacle can only be observed on a very few days every year , during the Summer / Winter change. Burj Khalifa the talles man made structure in the world sits in the Middle of this almost surreal panorama. 

Photographer's website:

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Introducing the new #Chromebook. The $249 laptop from Google. For everyone. 

Find out more on the Chrome Blog:

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Ready for the Apple event tomorrow? If you haven't seen it, check out our parody look at what you might see... 

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So, for #ScienceSunday , curated by +Allison Sekuler, +Robby Bowles, +Rajini Rao and +Chad Haney I have a fun image - a fisheye aurora staggered star-trail shot. :)

Please do me a favor and view this large!

The display of northern lights overhead was beautiful, but with the wide-angle effect of the fisheye lens, it was difficult to get a beautiful display of aurora light everywhere I wanted. I also wanted the stars to pop a bit more, especially because I knew the North Star was in the frame.

I decided not to show a full-on star trail shot here, because the streaks completely overpowered the subtle green hues in the night sky. Instead, I calculated which images to use, having their distance grow exponentially to lead into (or away from) a solid pattern. I then picked the closest image to the equation that was visually pleasing, and stacked the images together using the "lighten" blending mode in Photoshop.

Seven shots in total were used, and the aurora fell in just the right places to leave the center of the spinning stars clearly visible. (although, it's us that are spinning - someone always corrects me!) I've just printed this as a 32"x20" canvas and it looks stunning, the first of many prints I make from my adventures in the Yukon.

I sure hope +Robert Walters sees this image for #StarTrailSunday too!
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