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Born in the Sahara, raised in the Mojave -- I'm a desert rat.
Born in the Sahara, raised in the Mojave -- I'm a desert rat.

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A Robot To Help Athletes Train

This is a different direction in the use of robots: not to replace humans, but to coach them and help them improve their athletic performance. 

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Solar Impulse 2 has made it to North America.

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Solar Impulse 2 had to winter in Hawaii after the aircraft's batteries were damaged during the flight from Japan. Now, the plane seems once again ready to take up the 'round-the-world flight. Next stop: Phoenix, Arizona. Just waiting for the right flight weather to finish the Pacific crossing.

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I have seen the future and the future is now.

From a young age I have watched science fiction where one of the primary future weapons was the laser gun. The handheld beam-shooting weapon is such an icon of fiction that it's challenging to not find a story that uses it.

Well, it's fiction no longer. While the military has had a laser cannon for some time, this, I think, is a first: a 40-watt laser rifle (remarkably similar to the phaser rifle from original Star Trek series) that can actually burst balloons and set wood aflame.

#laser #sciencefiction #startrek 

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Can a Computer AI Beat The World's Best Poker Players?
CMU AI faces four of the best for 14 days of bluffing and betting.

This will be interesting to follow. IBM's Watson was able to beat the best Jeopardy players. Now Carnegie Mellon University's Claudico is going up against four human competitors who will play 20,000 hands of poker each over two weeks to see if the computer handle the complexities of poker.

You can follow the action through the CMU site:
Through the Rivers Casino web site:
And on Twitter:

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K.M. Weiland Shares Her Scrivener Process
Also provides free Scrivener template

Author +K.M. Weiland has published a long and detailed article about how she uses Scrivener to outline her novels.

As an added benefit, she's made the template available for download.

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*Story Structure Database*
Author K.M. Weiland Announces Story Structure Analysis Database

If you've ever studied story structure, you may be aware that there are many systems (The Hero's Journey, Save the Cat, Dramatica, etc.). These systems have been used to analyze many stories, but the analyses are often described in blog posts, YouTube videos, publications, etc. They're not centrally indexed and finding them through Google searches can be hit or miss.

Author +K.M. Weiland recently unveiled a new story structure database oriented to her analysis method. It analyzes both movies and books by laying out the most important plot points (inciting incident, hook, first plot point, pinch points, climax, etc.) The database is small but Weiland hopes it will be expanded over time to offer thousands of analyses. What could make this possible is that she has thrown open the chance for anyone to offer their insights for any particular book or movie.

Such a centrally-located index of story analyses could offer a valuable learning and teaching tool.

Weiland's methodology is outlined here:

#storystructure   #storyanalysis  

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Apple Pay will be coming to Etsy soon

This should add new buyers for Etsy sellers, as the article notes that about 50% of sales come from mobile buyers. 

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Wikipedia Adds 'Nearby' Feature to Mobile Apps
Find articles about local places, people, things of note.

Wikipedia has updated their iOS and Android apps to allow users to search for articles about things that are near their current location. The apps also show relative distance to the subject of the article and provide a compass needle to guide you as you drive.

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