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I'm having a few problems with multi file uploads in rails 4, I've got it working using carrierwave and polymorphic associations but its creating a file filed for every image in the view.

If there is a better or more standard way of doing this in rails 4 I'd be grateful for your advise.

Here is a gist to what I'm doing:

Screen Shot

There seems to be lots of ways to accomplish this but most of the info I found while googling is for rails 3. It's my intention to use UploadiFive for the front end once I iron out the wrinkles.´╗┐

Anyone know a good resource for using sinatra with Angular ?

Looking at setting up Sinatra assetpack with foundation/compass. The assetpack documentation looks out of date now they are using bower in version 5, does anyone have any experience using this setup?
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