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The Eve Online Bloggers Portal
For Eve Online bloggers and everyone interested in Eve Online
For Eve Online bloggers and everyone interested in Eve Online

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Statements of the demise of The Eve Bloggers Portal were a bit premature. It is still up and running and available for your perusal!

The Eve Bloggers portal is shutting down, so this Page will soon be deleted.

Thank you to all those who joined us on this journey.

It's been over a month since I've added some new submissions to the list... But don't worry, my Xmas holidays start today, so I should be able to get them done over the next few days! To all those who have been waiting, thanks for your patience :)

Added the following new blogs to the list of Eve blogs:

Tech4 News -
White Talon -

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Yesterday we added the following new blogs to the Eve Bloggers Portal:

Lost in Eve -
Riftwalkers -
Eve Online Guides -
In The Eye -
Dsan’s Eve Online Blog -

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New Dev Blog: Introducting the EVE Launcher
>> The EVE Launcher is meant to become your new access point to EVE Online. It makes sure that your client is up-to-date so that you no longer have to start the client to be informed that you need to get the latest updates. The launcher will let you know that your client is out of date and download everything that is needed and patch your client for you.

Wow... within the past 24 hours I've had almost 600 people add me to their circles. I think most of them are just 'new Page fanboys' and adding all the pages they can find.

But if you're a real Eve Online player/blogger and want me to add you to my circles, please make sure you add me to your circles first (that's a necessity), and also +1 this post or reply to it.


The new Eve Bloggers Portal Page has just been created. To everyone that plays Eve Online, blogs about it, or is just interested in it, please add us to your Circles.
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