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Someone twitter asked me recently "How do you feel about Let's Plays in general?". Twitter was down at the time and I had an answer to this. One which was more than 140chars.

As someone who likes playing video games I kinda find Lets Plays interesting. There's some good ones but on the other hand there's a lot of bad ones.

One example which I'd watch a Lets Play is watching people play a game I've played. It's interesting to see how a problem could be solved another way. For I've played a lot of Assassin's Creed recently (which gives you a lot of choice in how you solve problems) and found that seeing how other people do assasinations quite interesting. I even learn a thing or two. Youtube user Geop ( for example has a lot of knowledge of history which he uses to his advantage in his videos. I find that informative LP's like this are more interesting than any other LP's.

Of course on the other hand you have people who make LP's not for the love of the game but rather to increase their popularity. Some people don't play or engage in the game but rather do their usual schtick; whether it's saying silly jokes or making silly noises or what have you. A good example of this kind of LPer is iJustine (iJustine [ForeverPandering]).

It's the latter my game ( concentrated more. A lot of people told me that they ended up making a lot of videos to continue in the game. There wasn't much interactivity, especially in the "Minecraft" part of the game. On one hand I felt I should have had some interactivity in that section but then realised that people would end up making lots and lots of videos just to continue and ignore the "Minecraft" aspect of it. I didn't really wanted to add too many useless things in the game.

The reason I picked Minecraft? I don't really find the game that exciting to be honest. I find the game to be rather dull and find that watching videos of people building their large projects in Minecraft rather dull as well. It was that inanity I felt was a good fit to a "simulator" similar to Farm Simulator (Farming Simulator Mad Skill | No Plow | 360 Crop Rotation |) or Street Cleaner Simulator (Street Cleaning Simulator: The Simulationing).

From a developer's point of view I can see how a Lets Play is nice. I mean I would find it odd if someone did a Let's Play of "Minecraft Lets Play Youtube Channel Simulator 2013 Alpha" but if if I were to make a proper game in the future and then later after it's released see someone playing my game I'm sure I'd be pleased. Hearing and seeing the enjoyment of someone else enjoying something you've creating is a great thing. I would be pretty stoked if someone famous were to record a video of themselves enjoying a game I've made (Soulja Boy Provides His Thoughts On Braid).

It's that good feeling from creating things I tried to convey with the game (I tried at least). There's people who create amazing (insane) things with Minecraft. There's people on youtube who are really talented and can make entertaining videos without resorting to gimmicks or tricks that the average "Youtube celebrity" would use. These people who go and create these wonderful things they've enjoyed making (and displayed so that other people can enjoy them too) are the ones I admire.

And with Fuck This Jam; the other games I've seen are amazing and are a real inspiration to me. This is the first jam I've tried on my own (I'm sure the crudeness of my game shows this). Everything was amazing and seeing the ideas that were coming from everyone was fantastic. There's some fantastic  that's been submitted so far and I can't wait til the rest of the week is over to see the rest of them.

Thanks to everyone at #FuckThisJam  who made the past week a fun experience, and I will certainly be doing more gamejams in the future. Who knows? I may even think of something sillier than what I've presented this time!
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