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Micro Post: Big Glass of Sand
Monolithic architecture is classified as a Big Ball of Mud Microservices architecture is therefore a Big glass of Sand I said it first , right here.

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Testing, Testing, infinitum
Before testing... I've now been in development/engineering/coding/hacking or whatever you want to call it for more than 10 years.  Testing has always been important, but it  - in my line of work - is now at the forefront of everything I do.    For the busin...

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I haven’t
written anything for ages as   I’ve been
the busiest I have ever been at my current employer – a large E-Commerce website -   as a result of preparation (planned and unplanned)
for its largest ever “Peak” weekend, my company’s name for the Black F...

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Learning to TDD is like learning to drive.
Its true I'm sure this comparison has been made but I'll have to tire it out a bit more. When I was learning to drive I was pre-occupied with where to put the gear stick, where it actually was, when to use the clutch and so on and so forth and being fluster...

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Newline character is 1 character
I will never forget the above When using substring and you can't work out why "\n" is not 2 characters refer back to this title.  Does it make me look stupid, Yes, hopefully I will work this out sooner next time.  To be fair to myself its like and and.  Tha...

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A Beautiful Solution?
^^Perhaps^^ For various reasons me and my team hadn't been spending a lot of time at the coal face, coding.  From spikes, POCs and analysis to release activity -  coding opportunities have been few and far between. Thankfully this changed over the last coup...

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Book Review: The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride
Spur There were a few things that made me read this:  I saw it lying on my dev managers desk We have a coach from the company that the author co-founded in our place at the moment I was cynical about the software craftsman idea and thought it was about self...

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Book Study: Patterns-Principles and Practices of Domain Driven Design
Book Study: As title Summary In summary this is an excellent book.  It is accessible but some of the more advanced areas will need further reading elsewhere. For example things like Aggregate design  If you are involved in Enterprise application development...

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Observations of the space at present.  Tongue in cheek of course Twitosophy. I don't usually offer much opinion in what I do. I  sit on the fence alot, maybe I shouldn't . However, when I do, I try to base what I know on what I really know, not on what othe...

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Sql Static Code Analysis (revisited)
Static Code Analysis. You may remember my opening gambit in a post about SSDT code analysis talking about coding standards back in May 2014 (but most probably not)  It went something like.... Coding standards (and more latterly styles) in any organisation o...
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