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Update on my work
I know I have not posted anything in a long while due to my job and my current work on my books. I know many of you miss my stories on here and I hate not being able to write on them right now. My book series that so many of you have inspired me to do has f...

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Wedding Of The Century - Chapter Fifty Two
The big day had finally arrived and I was more nervous than ever. Emily started with a bath only a few hours before it was time for the biggest day of her life. She was finally going to marry Dimitri. A day she thought would never happen with everything tha...

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Full Of Surprises - Chapter Fifty One
With all the stress that me and Dimitri had gone through he agreed to take me to the beach for some much needed relaxation. "This is nice," Emily tells Dimitri who has settled into his sun chair. "It feels good to be in the sun once again. That year was a r...

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Emily's New Life - Chapter Fifty
After a week of coming back from the dead I finally have a little bit of strength back in my legs with Dimitri's help. I manage to get on my feet with Dimitri wrapped around me like a vine. He's been so helpful with caring for me that he wont let me do anyt...

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Dimitri's Wish - Chapter Forty Nine
Sound asleep Dimitri gets some much needed sleep from being on the move for so long to get what was needed to save Emily's life that he didn't realize that he had fallen asleep for a while.  Slowly stiring from his sleep he can feel Emily in his arms.  Then...

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Dimitri's Joy - Chapter Forty Eight
"I can't thank you enough for what you did for Emily, I know it was a long trip here and what you had to do to get what you needed was difficult but I wanted you to know we are forever in your debt," he tells Nolan. A grin spreads across Nolan's face. "It w...

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The Gift Of Light - Chapter Forty Seven
The ball of light grows then explodes into tiny little lights around her body.  Her body raises from the table and hovers lifeless.  He continues to chant and smoke fills the air.  Then Light explodes from her body. Just tiny little balls of light circle ar...

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The Wizard - Chapter Forty Six
"We need to move her body to Dimitri's lab. If they can do anything we should have her there and ready," he explains. "I can't imagine what they can do for her now. She has been dead for some time but her body is still warm. Ok, can you carry her on your ow...

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Are They To Late? - Chapter Forty Five
No movement or any sounds were coming from Emily. Jen walks over and leans close to see if she can see her breathing. She dare not touch her because she doesn't want to disturb her from her sleep. But when she notices that Emily looks like she's not breathi...

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Update on my Series
Update So everyone knows where I'm at on the series. I'm working on Fairytales currently when I'm able which is not a lot lately with being in classes. Medieval and Castaway are on hold for now. I'm sure one day I will continue them once I get to a certain ...
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