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This is the type of shit that makes my moniker very apt.

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After much ado (to put it nicely), our new, uncompromised, bulletproof and strictly transparent WePay is ready. If you feel we are doing it right, feel free to show your support by donating. And as always, if we are not doing it right, you are always welcome to come show us how you roll.

Click the link below to get to our ONLY "official" (i.e. consensus-approved) website, occupykc.NET, which has a button on the right-hand side to the ONLY online donation method that goes directly to the Treasury Working Group, which answers to the Occupy KC General Assembly. (Anyone else asking for money on our behalf online probably has nefarious motives.)

Yours in the perpetual quest for the recovery of our democracy, among other things,

Occupy KC Media

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The only way to end the Corporatocracy is to unite its opposition.
Tick, Tock...
Wisdom and cooperation is the path to freedom and justice...
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