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Just purchased the full Glyphicons suite after using the halflings set in bootstrap for a few years. Really loving all the new icons!

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Using Dreamweaver with multiple monitors is so much nicer!

Thanks to +Ian Ferralli, +Alex Graff, and Harley Davidson for designing and helping to building the couch loft yesterday. It was a blast, and works great!

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Updating Unit's flat file With a One-ish Line Shell Command
After seeing this reddit post relating to a buttload being an actual medieval unit of measurement, I decided that I would update the units database on my machine. Here is the simple command that I came up with: LOC=$(units -V | grep -o "[/a-z/]*\.dat"); ech...

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I just finished working on my Java implementation of Conway's Game of Life!

I really enjoyed making it, and it's fun to play with.
Video: Conway's Game of Life
Executable Jar: 

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Conway's Game of Life in Java
Conway's Game of Life was devised by the mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970 as a cellular automaton. Conway created the rules of the game to offer a simplified answer to John von Neumann's question of a self replicating machine. The rules of the game ...

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Iterative solution to the Fibonacci sequence in COBOL
I've decided to learn cobol by contributing to Rosetta Code, a site that aims to show each as many different programming language's solution to a given problem. Below is the iterative solution to the fibonacci sequence, which takes in input from the user's ...

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How to ping a site or address with Java
Java does not natively have the ability to send ICMP messages, so we need to send them using the system's built in ping tool. I added a simple ping utility to JavaUtils, which you can download the jar from SourceForge and GitHub: JavaUtils JAR and source do...

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Network Ping Tester
Network Ping Tester is based on a previous application I developed and mentioned in a previous post, Simple Network Tester. The first revision of this graphical ping tool was rough around the edges and had some errors that I ran into. This version is a much...

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