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Best Coin Dealer In Corona
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Old Rare Coins, Gold Coins Silver Coins
Old Rare Coins, Gold Coins Silver Coins

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Turning a Childhood Hobby Into a Lifelong Passion
When Howard Markham was just a boy often he would tag along with his father to coin stores and coin shows and buy coins with the encouragement of his father. He developed a passion for coins and started his own collection.
When you need an expert, with unsurpassed knowledge and 30 years of experience...
silver eagles
We are here for you. True experience and knowledge of the coin business is gathered slowly from seeing millions of coins, understanding how each mint and each year has different characteristics features and seeing counterfeits first hand. It is not something you learn overnight. It takes years of experience in the trade. Howard became an expert by working in the coin business since he was 16. At 19, he worked as a coin buyer for David Hall rare coins and later worked as a coin grader for Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) grading coins at the age of 21. Being an expert is not just a word but the knowledge gathered in a lifetime.

When you are looking to sell your coins and other fine possessions you must trust who you are dealing with and their unsurpassed knowledge. Markham Numismatic has earned that trust and respect in the industry. Typical buying dealers do not know the difference between high valuable coin and an average coin. Some will evaluate your coins or estate jewelry based on scrap value, which is the least an item could be worth. This is where the many years of experience and knowledge of Markham Numismatic sets them apart from the norm and establishes them as the company to go to when you are in the market to sell your coins or other high end valuables.

Markham Numismatics in Riverside has been in the business for over 30 years. They are by appointment only, which allows them to give their customers the personal service and attention they deserve. If you have coin collections. platinum coins, large diamonds, or old currency collections. you wish to sell, call for an appointment. Now is the best time to sell as prices are high! ALERT! the coin market is getting soft Sell Now to lock in Profits. !!
Looking to sell your rare coins? sellers beware!
Have you noticed all the random cash for gold dealers popping up everywhere? They have popped up everywhere in the last few years. Beware, these dealers are staffed with inexperienced green horns, some use to be gardeners and plumbers, with no knowledge of rare coins and values. The lack of knowledge of most gold stores is amazing. I've heard of some gold stores putting acid on coins to make sure there real!! that damages the coins and turns it into a piece of metal, taking away any extra coin value the coin might of had. . nothing replaces years of experience and a keen eye for coin grading. Last month we paid a man $500 for one silver dollar! No gold buyer will offer you $500 just for one silver coin. These scarp gold buyers wouldn't know the difference between a $2 dollar coin and a $500 dollar coin. Let us find the treasures in your collection! If you are looking to sell a coin collection, call 951-686-2122 to book an appointment today.
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