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I am having an odd issue here. I just installed CentOS 7 on a box laying around. I was able to ssh into it once from Solus, but after I lost the connection, I can no longer connect. I have restarted sshd on Centos, verified my host isn't in the block lists, completely disabled selinux and firewalld, there appear to be no relevant messages in /var/log/secure or messages.

Any ideas? When I run ssh with the -v option I get this:

Hello Everyone! I am so sorry to ask this question here, but I've asked it in other groups and no-one seems to know. I'm being forced at work to set up hyper-v on Windows Server 2016. I'd rather install 2016 Core, but I'm unsure as to whether or not I would be able to install a VM with a GUI. Anyone know the answer?


On Windows Server 2016 Core you can install Hyper-V, is it possible to set up a VM running a GUI on this type of setup?

Is anyone aware of any open source screen and audio recording solutions for call centers?

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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I am loving the latest daily! But what does a guy have to do to get xrdp?

So, Ive been using Linux for about 7 years. I never really thought about contributing to anything before due to not being particularly in love with anything. But I am absolutely loving Solus. Where do I go to help?

So I have this issue, I like my panels to hide themselves automatically, but with beta 2 when I enable this feature and the panel is at the bottom, It hides itself in the middle of my screen. When I disable it afterwards it stays in the middle of the screen. If I change it to the sides or top and then back to the bottom it goes back to the bottom. The automatic hiding works when the panel is on either side or the top.

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Gotta love it!
Well played Samsung, well played xD
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Now I have a Nexys 3 board that I have no idea what to do with. Anyone want to give me some ideas?
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