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Goosebumps, one of the greatest songs of Simon and Garfunkel briliant covered. #disturbed  

I bought the Pro Version and still get commercials. 

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Und auch hier nochmal teilen. 

Hi there, I am new to the  crowd. Just started a new campaign last week. Group is home in New Seoul,Korea. I will alter the Mandarin Setting a bit got my purpose, e.g. there are still or again Triads in China and especially in Korea. Korea will be a playground for all kind of Organizations around the world. There will be Separatists Groups who want to throw all Chinese out of their country, Pro-Chinese-Groups, Neo-Kommunist Groups, Mobsters from Japan, China and Tailand, Indian Agents, etc., Terrorists from Indonesia etc. pp.

Heute das erste Mal Savage Worlds gespielt, mit Interface Zero und mit einer sehr erzählerischen Herangehensweise. Gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber hat Spaß gemacht.
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