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Today, the odds were not with us as it rained heavily in the middle of lessons, however, with the power of team spirit and perseverance, we overcame the difficulties and found more productive things to do like training our physical fitness. Also, please take care of yourselves as the competition is coming soon and we do not want you to be injured on the day of competition

Debrief 15/3/17
Since it is the holiday training, we would like to thank the people who made an effort to come all the way here. Also, those going competition, please work hard for the next 3 weeks. Ensure your own safety train hard. Those going for competition, we have noticed that there are many of you who are still not familiar with your routines. Please familiarise yourself with the routines by practicing at home as well as we do not have much training sessions.

Debrief 8/3/17
As the competition is closing in, we can see more people trying their best. However, there are some people who did not put in their best effort and this is not doing justice to yourself. Every session is an opportunity to improve your physical fitness and only by doing your best, you can constantly improve.


The following holiday training are as follows:
Wednesday 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Thursday 9am-12noon
Venue : MPH

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Everyone did well today. Do not talk too much or sit at the corner too much. Take picture and post on the Google site to show the hard work of the members of Wushu. Seniors please help to engage the members of Wushu because it will help to improve the skills of the students.

Give the money to Ms Yap Yee Ying for the weapons bought. 

Debrief 22/2/17
Today, everyone did well and those who are not going for the competition also engaged themselves with activities like physical training.
Also, we have 2 new Sec 1s today. At this rate, bad things might happen.

Debrief 3/2/17
Today, we did pretty good. The coaches were quite happy with our performance as everyone tried their best and no one started to slack off. We should keep it up.

From next week onwards, as SSP will be starting, Wednesday trainings will start from 3:30 - 5:30.

Also, starting from March, Wednesday trainings might even be delayed to 4:30-6:30.

Latecomers and inappropriate attire will start to be punishable from next week onwards.

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Performace during LNY Celebration

Debrief 20/1/17
Everyone did good today. Reminder to practice your routine for the performance. Important : Rehearsal is on Monday 3:30 - 5:30, Thursday 3:30-5:30 both at the mph. The reason we want to do performances is to attract the sec 1s to join our cca as we already have very little people. We must have more self-confidence as our performance is actually not that bad. This performance can help us experience what it feels like and also build our self-esteem. We did not have time to prepare for our performances as we had a change of coaches so we did not train during the December holidays and didn't have time to prepare.

Debrief 6/1/17
Today, everyone did well, better than wednesday. I really think our stamina is getting better after each training. We should remember our routine so that we will not disgrace ourselves in front of the sec 1s. Remember that our CCA fair, everyone should do their fair share.

Aloysius wise words : Sec 2 and 3, when you go back, reflect on why you joined this CCA, be it by choice or not, we should give it our all. I wasted 3 years of my life in SST Wushu by not going for competition, it will be a good experience so please if you have the chance, just go for competition.
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