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A note for those of you searching for jobs

I am writing this post from several months of personal experience in this field.  And that field is the too common state of being unemployed.  I have learned more than I could have ever imagined the past few months, not only about searching for jobs, but a lot about myself and what I want to "be when I grow up".  I can honestly say that if I had found a job immediately, I more than likely would have ended up in a career path in which I was not content.  With that said, unemployment has been a blessing in disguise.  I have met many interesting people that I otherwise would have not and I shattered my personal record in a half marathon (much more time to train in the state of unemployment).  

Moving on from the emotional/inspirational/mushy stuff, it is time to face the stark reality.  It is no secret that jobs are tough to come by in this economy and considering the fact that we are STILL facing the fiscal cliff, it may be some time before things get better (assuming they do).  But in all the news, I found this article, which we believe, is a great articulation by Dr. Mike Magee about what employers are looking for in Healthcare.  And though it was written over a year ago, it is still very relevant today: 

"No surprise then that organizations are attempting to front load their hiring process with questions that reveal your character. What are some of the character traits health care employers value? They include: honesty, compassion, empathy, dependability, discretion, endurance, joyfulness, sensitivity, punctuality, personal initiative, loyalty, honor, flexibility, leadership, patience, thoroughness, orderliness, enthusiasm, determination and tolerance."

How do interviewers assess the presence or absence of these traits in candidates. Mostly by sharing a list of character traits and asking open ended questions like:

• Putting yourself in my position, hiring for this job, which character traits would you want an employee in this position to have?
• How well do you personally exhibit those traits?
• If I were to ask your last employers how well you exhibited those traits, what would they say?
• Can you give me an example of when you practiced one of these traits and it made a positive difference in someone’s life.
• Can you give me an example of when you didn't practice one of these traits and learned from your mistake?
• In your last job, did character make a difference? How?

These are the character traits all employers will be looking for in the future and how they are qualifying potential employees today.  So read this information, prepare your resume to reflect some of these character traits and most importantly, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!  I cannot stress this enough.  A discussion of proper networking strategies will require another post, but please, do not overlook this important aspect of the job search.  Today’s typical hiring process includes having your resume scanned (and most likely dumped) by a computer system looking for very specific keywords and qualifications.  Networking will get you noticed by people and companies (when done properly) and you are much more likely to land that interview and the job of your dreams. 
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