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In an elegant selling system, you make a simple promise to show up with helpful content, then keep it. It's the principle of consistency.

Maybe that's why some people have trouble making that commitment. They don't want to break the promise.

I get it. That's praiseworthy, but it doesn't get one out of the rat race.

Others even stress out about going on vacation.

So here's how to stay consistent with your content, no matter what life throws at you.
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Though I’ve never done a video on this, it's still one of my pet peeves.

Here’s the thing: You can’t show up as an authority in your videos in a professional setting if it looks like you’re taking a vacation from your professional standing, which is what I see in 90% of the webcam videos out there, and by people who should know better. ;-)

I think this is an opportunity for you to take a chunk of the marketing high ground.

It's a new game...literally.
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I normally don't talk about charisma very much because it's something that's mostly out of your control.

However, the activities that lead to it are very much in your control, and that includes the topic of this video.

In fact, if you don't do this, your authority won't even make it past the microphone.

Fortunately there is an exercise that, so far, has never failed to do the trick for everyone who tries it.

Submitted for your approval :)
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How Quickly Can You Become an Authority?

Find out this coming week at a new event called The Authority & Influence Virtual Summit which helps Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs establish themselves as the premier expert in their field.

There are 30 expert speakers teaching in the areas of Authority Positioning Platform, Portfolio and Process. Several of them I know and they are very smart, very accomplished people who will be able to communicate with you on several levels.

And yes, I was there, too. :)

You can grab a free ticket to this online event here....the deadline for getting the free tix is Sunday June 24 at midnight! There is the usual opportunity to get permanent access to the sessions after a few days, but this time at a very nominal cost.

I think you could get quite a lot out of this.
Authority & Influence Virtual Summit
Authority & Influence Virtual Summit
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Audio is invisible attraction:

And to do it right has always been costly. But no more.

Take a look at this little wonder. It might change your mind about how much it should cost to get good audio for your marketing videos.
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Having a home video studio is now within anyone's reach.

This one is barely $100, but has the solid feel of all the equipment you want in a YouTube home studio setup: the tripod, the camera, the mic and the software to run it.

Learn how to set your studio up with the right equipment and follow along with the pdf that has links to where you can get all this stuff and how to use it:
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You can do web video marketing if you can make a video reliably and frequently. Of all the content marketing strategies, there isn't one that has more inherent power.

But you still have to do it. That's what this series is all about.

In the last video we looked at a number of factors that go into creating this on-demand home video studio. There's a cheat sheet for you to bring to this video so you can get more out of it:

And now we'll get down to the nitty-gritty. Just how are you going to do this video marketing hat trick?

Follow these simple steps and you'll not only get great results, you'll do so in a very small space.

Here's how it works...and don't forget to pick up your free Studio Resource Guide on the blog here:
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If you like doing video content marketing, then you ARE a creator.

And as a creator, there's nothing better than being able to wake up, walk into your studio and know that in a few minutes you'll have a thoroughly professional video.

(Well, run a brush through your hair first, maybe :)

That's the promise of an on-demand video home studio. And it works equally well for offices.

But it's not just a promise.

In this 2 part series I'll show you how to set yours up.

There is a downloadable cheat sheet for determining your space requirements on the blog where this video is also playing:

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Remember when Neil Armstrong said this?

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for video clarity”

No? OK. Me neither. But if he’d stepped out of a time machine instead of the Lunar Module and into one of the most blurry videos in history, (sparking a cottage industry in lunar landing denials) he might have.

I hope Neil is listening up there in the heavens, as today is the biennial release of our continuing series on how to get your videos looking and sounding all sparkly-like online.

How's that for a grandiose announcement? :-)

In the last couple of years, there’s been a huge amount of media convergence, so with the right preparation, your videos can now shine on any screen, from the smallest phone to the largest TV.

Remember, you can have all the best online video marketing strategies in the world. If your videos don't look right, that's a lot of wasted effort.

And sure, people will forgive you for it. No one's perfect. But an impression, once given, can't be taken back either.

Fortunately Handbrake can help with that immensely.

Here’s the “how” of it…

To download Handbrake:

The video ad template mentioned at the end:
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If you want a really fast car, take your sweet time designing it.

If you want faster sales, likewise, take all the time you need to design a path of attraction.

It's that simple...and that challenging.

But it's not impossible. If I can do it, (a self-professed salesophobe) most anyone can.

All it takes is one extra tiny little video marketing strategy, described here...
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