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If anyone is interested in short format pbp, Mushgnome is launching a Hobbets only DD5 game called Hobbet Heroes of Hornpipe Hill. I believe it's the third installment in his Deep Arkham setting.

Come join over here:


I played a game (DBA 3) with a river a couple of weeks back; medieval German vs French. My Germans lost awfully attempting to push across a non-paltry (medium) river.

The way I'm reading the (DBA 3) rule, an element moving up to a river effectively must stop as soon as it encounters the friendly bank, regardless of how much farther it could have moved. Then, in the second bound, it can move 1 BW directly forward, crossing the river.

Is that how other folks here are playing it?

I've been taking another good long stare at the Monster Levels Tables in U&WA (pp10-11). They have a few interesting features, but one that jumps right out is that most of the OD&D bad-guy type monsters appear. Which means these tables will pump out a genuine melange of random ghoulies. Which I guess is the whole point of random determination !

But if you want monsters to fit a more specific theme (say you might be populating a crypt, a pirate hideout, an ogre den, or whatever) then this ain't gonna fly.

Has anyone put together some themed or more specific monster level tables? Love to see what's out there...

Anyone know if there are any valid Gamescience discount coupons going at the mo?

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Delving Deeper V5 book one Heroes & Magic has been updated from beta to gamma to coincide with the release of:

The Annotated Heroes & Magic

2 years. 114 pages. 1,207 footnotes.

Download free from my fileshare at:

Enjoy :)

So, basically I am a neophyte user of Google+.

I can see there are a bunch of other G+ Communities that may (or may not) be interested in stuff I push out here. But what is the "appropriate" way to communicate across these Communities without being a spam bot?

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Two years of effort later, DD V5 Book One Heroes & Magic has been updated from beta to gamma to coincide with the release of the ANNOTATED BOOK ONE alpha. Woohoo!

Download both for free from my fileshare at:

Have a read. Enjoy it. Let the folks here know what you think...

...and help me to spot the remaining bugs and foibles before I send them up to POD so you can have yourself a hard copy with a nice new cover :)

Finally! I have a finished version of the Annotated Heroes & Magic ready to rock and roll. Albeit, I never figured out how to do footnotes from within tables, and there are a few minor layout crimes left, but dammit it's good enough to go.

Last thing to decide, then, is: how to distribute it?

My original plan was to make a few bucks on this one (thinking to fund an eventual hardback edition). Judging from the V4 compendium $5 will be about cost price, so it would have to be $6+ to generate anything worthwhile.

On the other hand, there will almost certainly be corrections to come once you good people start spotting bugs I missed. So perhaps an "alpha" can go out as a free PDF now, with a "fined up" version for print a bit later.


Plugging away at merging those annotations into a single doc. I finished up the cleric spells tonight, so "just" the M-U spells to go. It's a major slog, but I'm nibbling through it, one spell at a time...

Whoa Team. I just checked in with Lulu, and DD4 has now sold well over 500 copies!

I know I'm personally responsible for about a dozen of them, but that is still some kind of awesome for a non-promoter like me. Thank you all for your part in that!
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