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Marie Swift

Just wondering if anyone has used Google Classroom to create, share with commenting rights and distribute the Google Docs that will connect with DocAppender.  Does it work?

Hi!  Is it possible to run the add-on on more than one page of a spreadsheet?  I have two different Google forms bringing data into two different pages of a spreadsheet and want to have each of them do an automatic email reply (they can be the same but ideally different).  It seems like when I set it up on one page, it comes off of the other page.

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I got hooked on coding at Code Monkey! 

I am going to be meeting with some Ontario Secondary Cooperative Education teachers and hope to show them how wonderful GAFE would be for them to use to connect with their students ( especially in their unique situation with job placements).  Does anyone have some Google Forms that they would be willing to share with me as examples for these teachers (eg time sheets, permission forms, etc.)?
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