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Hypnotherapy training in London HPD Course
Hypnotherapy training in London HPD Course


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If you are searching for hypnotherapist training? Then you are in the right place. Matthew Cahill Hypnosis training will give you an edge on all your competitors in the sports performance and fitness industries. Feel free to contact Matthew at 07968178020 for additional information. @ #Matthewcahill #Hypnotherapy #hypnotherapist #CPHT #SolutionFocusedHypnotherapy #training #classes #trainer #Practice #goals #benefits #health #plymouth #London #mind #happy #improvement #consultation #Business #Sports #Anxiety #Stress #Depression #Tinnitus #WeightControl #Phobias #Fears #Fibromyalgia #Anti_Smoking #PersonalDevelopment
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The Observatory Practice Hypnotherapy and natural health centre in Plymouth Devon is pleased to announce that Sally Potter will be joining the Hypnotherapy team in Plymouth.

The Observatory Practice has been serving the local area for well over a decade now we have seen the practice go from strength to strength. Having Sally on our team will give us extra flexibility, ensuring that our customers will continue to get a fast and efficient service and we can be absolutely certain that Sally has all the skills needed to become an integral part of our team.

Sally says "I am delighted to be a member of the team at the Observatory Practice, where I trained and qualified in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy" and continues to say "My first career was in radiography, having completed my training in Plymouth, and working for 15 years in the NHS and the private sector. My speciality was paediatrics, and I very much enjoy being able to help children and young people find their full potential through hypnotherapy in my new role.

Whilst bringing up my family with my husband working away for much of the time, I continued to study with the Open University, working and volunteering around the busy schedule of the children. As they became more independent I realised that I really wanted to return to a caring career, and that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy was a profession in which I would make a real difference to peoples' lives. I am always thrilled to observe the transformations that clients are able to make for themselves as anxiety and depression melt away, and creativity comes to the fore, allowing solutions to be found. Hypnosis is a powerful tool, and Solution Focused Therapy is a positive, gentle, effective experience, as well as a relaxing and enjoyable one.

I live in Ivybridge, and also practice from my home there, at Aloft Hypnotherapy, on the edge of Dartmoor. One of the absolute best pleasures of my life is to be able to walk up on to the moor with my dogs, especially on a bright dry day (!) and just feel the wind and sun, and take in the glorious view. Working in Plymouth, I'm now also looking forward to adding a regular dose of Sea Therapy to my Moor Therapy"!

To book an appointment with Sally please contact the Observatory Practice on the details below:

About The Observatory Practice
The Observatory Practice is a Hypnotherapy clinic offering solutions to the people of Plymouth and the surrounding areas. This clinic also offers diploma programs to develop professional Hypnotherapists.

Please visit for more information.

The Observatory Practice
8 The Crescent, Plymouth, Devon PL1 3AB
01752 342124

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Matthew Cahill talks CORP and Hypnotherapy in Plymouth Devon

Crucially, his research was to produce a measuring device which could be used online and offline. The tool also needed to be something which could quickly be accessed by every practitioner so CPHT graduates could move forward together.

“We had spent several years running the Outcome Rating Scales (ORS) and using it in private practice,” says Matthew. “CORP was born from ORS as we realised we could improve upon the old system and target our findings in key areas.”

“Finding the right programmer for the project was the crucial and we did so with the hugely positive influence of Delta Systems.”

“With the ORS I found the Clinical Significant Change was rated at 64% and 14% of change recognised therapeutic intervention in itself. With CORP, I found 82% of Clinical Significant Change and a small percentage of therapeutic intervention.”

In short, CORP is a more effective measurement of our performance in the therapy room to more traditional methodology.

“The study was a more thorough tool for us to be able to measure outcomes when compared to the Outcome Rating Scales model (ORS),” says Matthew. “We found our model had a higher level of clinical success when measuring outcomes on it.”

“We are now looking for a large volume of data we can publish so we provide a voice for the work which we undertake. Without proper evidence and research, we are limiting who sees the outcomes of our work.”

“Part of our aim is to be able to present our findings at a governmental level.”

CORP is surprisingly easy to use. Before the interview starts, Matthew shows HT the laptop he uses specifically for the job. He bought it brand new for a mere £100 and, of course, you can easily a second hand one for much less.

In other words you don’t have to spend much on the kit to be part of the project and, crucially, CORP can be used on all PCs (but not MACs).

“For the practitioners involved in the scheme, it has become an integral part of the session itself. It allows the client to feedback on positives before they go and it reminds them of the seven key areas they should be focusing on outside of the therapy room.”

CORP is completely exclusive to CPHT graduates and, as such, to AfSFH members. The feedback at a national level has been impressive with a number of highly placed professional bodies expressing positive sentiment to the work being undertaken.

“It is a self-assessment tool for the client,” he explains. “It’s very simple to use. They decide where they are on a straight line to give a realistic indication of where they feel they are at that point of their lives.”

“The line is unmarked as numbers can skew the outcome. The first measurement happens at the start of the initial consultation and then at the end of every session.”

To measure all seven key areas in general therapy means the tool is fast, accurate and easy to use. Plus, plotting the data, and being able to show progress, provides an extra level of professionalism for your practice.

About Matthew Cahill:

Matthew is a reputed clinical hypnotherapist located in Plymouth, UK.

For more information, please visit


Matthew Cahill

8, The Crescent

Plymouth, PL13AB

Telephone: 07968178020



Using the CORP outcomes and research tool can help hypnotherapists improve their skill set and overall practice.

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How To Get The Best Out of Your Training Hypnotherapy training in London can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Although going to college may seem overwhelming, by following proper advice you can ensure that you get everything out of…
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