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Someone stop Samsung from Samsunging
Samsung wants to make the battery icon green but that's AGAINST THE RULES, man. The CDD mandates that your status bar icons be white.

It's pretty easy to see why. Open Hangouts. You now have a green status bar. A green icon with a green background is going to look pretty dumb. 

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"We finally learned how to properly size our navigation bar buttons." - said no LG executive ever


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I know I've brought up the ridiculous amount of Samsung dev accounts on the Play Store before, but I'd like to concentrate specifically on how fucking annoying and obnoxious these in particular are.

Samsung has like 15 dev accounts on the Play Store. But fine, sure, they have many divisions, whatever.

But they also have these 5 dev accounts that have TOTALLY DIFFERENT APPS:
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co.,  Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.%E3%80%80
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. MSC
Samsung Electronics Co.%2C Ltd. Android R%26D

Notice how especially the first 3 just vary in punctuation and amount of spaces, including, I shit you not, %E3%80%80 at the end of one, which corresponds to a UNICODE space character and makes the url bar look like it has a space at the end when you click on the name.
U+3000   e3 80 80 IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE

How ridiculously obnoxious is this? Ughhhhhhh.,+Ltd.%E3%80%80,++Ltd.,+Ltd.+MSC

I can't even link to most of these urls properly in G+ because it stops linkifying too early due to the comma.
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Look at the statusbar. Just iOS things. All you need is a Home button they say.

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So cool to hear from Tim Cook that Apple will never try to monetize your data.

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Context: show me the right info at the right time, whether I asked for it or not. VS. Consistency: always show the same info I asked for in the same order

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Since the earliest days of the Oculus Kickstarter, the Rift has been shaped by gamers, backers, developers, and enthusiasts around the world. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the Oculus Rift will be shipping to consumers in Q1 2016, with pre-orders later this year.

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No, Windows 10 running Android & iOS apps is NOT huge news
It barely matters beyond MS' marketing message. Here's why.

Anyone remember BB OS? They enabled Android apps trying to save their OS from death. What happened? The runtime was badly implemented hack. Not only did it not have all the services needed to run average Android apps but it was always lagging behind the Android platform releases which limited any devs to very old versions of the Android platform not allowing them to build interesting, modern apps to the platform.

Making your Android app run on Win10 will not be simply dropping the APK to their store. Firstly, you’ll have to deal with the lack of Google Play Services. You might already be doing that if you distribute your apps in the Amazon store so that might not be a blocker. But even beyond that you will immediately duplicate your QA efforts required for each release. You will also keep maintaining a separate branch for the Windows platform. It’s going to be A LOT of extra work. If I had to guess you’d be better off just building native from effort (and budget) point of view.

Then there’s the big issue. Cross-platform apps SUCK. Each platform has their own UI and UI patterns. Users learn to use (possibly unintuitive) UI controls through platform consistency. What MS is now doing is the destruction of their platform consistency. Firing up an Android app on your Windows device is like getting slap to the face. All new visual, controls, control flows, everything. You don’t want to do this to your customers!

This is a desperate marketing move by MS. They’re trying to get the non-tech crowd to think that this is a good idea (just look what the verge headline is.. ugh..). They will also, no doubt, pour money to devs willing to put time on putting their apps to the store. The result will be that soon there’s tons of partially working apps that will never get updated in their store and they can claim victory. 

MS is not the first one to try this and probably won’t be the last. The idea just is fundamentally flawed and will not work no matter how much muscle there’s behind it. 

If you want to be on Windows platform but don’t care about learning their platform devving go through the browser. Web is not dead. Build mobile web but keep it in the browser. 
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