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Avery Boulware
Though she be but little, she is fierce.
Though she be but little, she is fierce.

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She's Like a Rainbow
Today is the day. I want to blow this phrase out of the water and never hear it again. The phrase in question: "pull it off"--in reference to clothing. As in: "Oh girl, I could never pull that off." What does that excuse even mean?  And that's really all it...

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Glastonbury: Fashion Week In Tents
     As an un-official fashion "student", if you will, I feel it necessary in my studies to take in inspiration and, well, knowledge, from a variety of sources. Summer provides an excellent opportunity with the many festivals that have sprouted up through t...

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Eyes On: Alice and Olivia
Behind the scenes from Alice and Olivia Pre-Spring 2015 It sounds like a cute new girl group that'll put out two albums in the next two years and then fade into oblivion. But alas, we said goodbye to Aly and AJ many years ago. No, Alice + Olivia is a contem...

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Are we just gonna not talk about Sky Ferreira?
She's gonna be big. I can feel it. You should be in the know about her: Sky Ferreira. Born into style and music--her grandmother was Michael Jackson's stylist for, like, 30 years. She had Thanksgiving dinners with the guy. Took opera lessons for most of her...

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In Hindsight: CFDA Fashion Awards 2014
If the Met Gala is the prom of the fashion world, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards is the graduation. Just with less crying and awkward pictures with teachers. Which means that there is probably a lot to learn here. Like how it's de...

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Coachella: You Be You
Listen. I've never been farther west than Murfreesboro. So my opinions about what goes on in the desert are definitely not as valid as those of, say, a cactus. Nevertheless, the rock that I live under has a wi-fi connection, so I know a general idea of what...

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Fashion Existentialism, feat. My Cat
Yo, I liked my outfit today, and it's been a while since you all have seen my self-timer skills, so here you go. First: the real pictures. The most normal ones I managed to take, anyways.      I got this dress at a precious consignment store on spring break...

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Shave Your Legs
As incentive to finally shave your legs, I suggest shopping for some shorts. And when you see an overpriced pair of cutoffs and that wonderful realization "I could make this at home, easy" comes into your wonderful brain, that is your cue. Go forth and DIY ...

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     There's nothing like President's Day sales to celebrate the churning machine that is American capitalism.      But even though I spent a good portion of my afternoon/evening perusing the mall, I only contributed to the growth of our economy by taking h...

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Cozy is Key
     I know, I know. Getting dressed when you can see your breath outside is just plain difficult.      But I keep having to tell myself: layering was  designed  for times like these!      Can't decide between a sweatshirt, a sweater, and a button-up? Wear ...
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