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“I found out it was much harder without a large portfolio behind me. I started doing work for non-profits and friends and family at far less than market rate and sometimes even free to build myself up. Once that took place, I was able to start landing some steady clients."

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Great write up on +Boonle today and how students & businesses can connect on graphic design projects.

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With the plethora of freelancing platforms gaining notoriety around the world, technology is facilitating a global workforce shift. It also means it has never been easier to find work as a freelancer. But in many cases it has also increased the amount of competition, particularly in the services sector, where jobs can potentially be completed from almost anywhere in the world.

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These are three of the hundreds of amazing families we've been honored to support at IACKids over the past four years. Your support makes it possible for us to eliminate the financial burden that these families face when their child becomes ill.

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As you may know, we’ve been hard at work at +Boonle, an online platform that flips the traditional freelance model on its head by embracing a pay-what-you-want model for freelance gigs. Designed to help new freelancers break through by building a solid portfolio, Boonle gives freelancers a chance to stand out in the increasingly competitive freelance economy, all while giving anyone seeking digital services access to top-tier talent at little or even no cost.

We’ve made some great progress so far: Boonle is fully live at with more than 750 users, and we’re adding more every day.

Now we’re ready to build on that momentum with strategic partnerships with universities across the country, giving new entrants into the freelancing economy a valid starting point to kick off their careers.

As we prepare to take Boonle to the next level, we recently launched a page on, the largest crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to startups and small businesses. If you’d like to help us continue our momentum, there are a few ways you can support our growth:

1. If you are an SEC accredited investor or a foreign investor -
Consider investing in this financing round.

2. You’re not an SEC accredited investor but still want to help - - Help get the word out to investors that might be interested in this type of investment.
- Connect me to anyone in your personal networks that may be interested in this type of opportunity.
- Share our profile (or this post) through your social media networks.

You can see our funding profile and get more information here:

Thanks to all in advance and especially to those of you who continuously support me.

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1. Get your foot in the door first.
Don't share everything your company does when telling your story to someone who knows nothing about it. Write down your pitch and then scale it back to provide just enough information to gain his interest. Then, once you have him intrigued, dive deeper into the "why," "how," and "what" of your company.

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If you're a small business owner, nonprofit organization, or someone who needs help with projects, here are tips to hiring creative freelancers.
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Never turn an ear from constructive criticism. It could be the very thing that saves your business.

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