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It would be great if you could add something like settings/hibernated app backup/restore. When using with Magisk, it only keeps settings like aggressive doze, but not the two on the bottom of the list or selected apps. This would be quite helpful, because Magisk sometimes pretty much crashes and then need to be reinstalled, but then Greenify is pretty much set back to factory state only remembering that aggressive doze was activated, but even the splash screen reappears, even though the Magisk image should still contain everything. And saving that with titanium also doesn't work, it just causes that problem too

It seems the handling of Google's new live wallpapers is still a bit buggy: normal wallpapers draw under the dock like expected, but the love wallpapers don't, at least most of the time. It did draw under for a short moment, I don't know why but the next time going back to Nova, it ended above again.
Would be great if it could be handled properly when this version goes to stable.

Using latest beta 5

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And again a random (fast) reboot, this time at 77%. I even used a different battery (by Anker) which I only used as a backup battery more for a year to rule out a defective Samsung battery

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And yet another random reboot at around 40% battery, but this time only causing a soft reboot, so the screen just went black and then the boot animation appeared, no Samsung boot logo. And f.lux was visibly still running

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For those always asking for Nougat XPosed, rovo just gave an update on how the situation is:

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And here we go with the first random reboot on today's built (trltexx), surprisingly with 92% battery (normally they only happened in low battery) while writing in XDA Labs. Hope it actually contains to random reboot and not the aborted reboot to go to recovery to save the log.

Sadly I have to revert from latest built for trltexx. I had to make a clean flash, but after unlocking SIM, I get the message that Voice services where disabled...So it seems that I can use mobile internet but telephony seems to be disabled (and after turning off mobile data it also shows just an x instead of 3G/4G/whatever so it seems to be real). Even after flashing latest modem (DPJ1) and reinstalling the Update. So it's sadly unuseable for me. And sadly I have no idea how I could help you with any logs.

EDIT: ok, it seems to just be a wrong sign, at least SMS can come through in both directions. But still, it's very strange...

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Ok, damit hatte ich jetzt nicht gerechnet. Und dann auch noch 6.0 bei den wenigen (wenn auch interessanten) Neuerungen.
Introducing #AndroidMarshmallow. Learn more about our latest sweet:

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