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Jay Goldman
Technologist, designer, author, speaker, generally swell guy.
Technologist, designer, author, speaker, generally swell guy.

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Good post by Sean explaining the whole invites thing. Not count based but time based. Got it?

I wrote a little thing explaining how Google+ invites work, so people don't have to keep answering the same question over and over again. Feel free to pass it on!

Sparks feels like the least well polished part of Google+. Or am I missing something? Are you finding it useful?

Google+ will really get put to the test when less than 90% of the posts are about Google+

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This is an amazing photo. Chris is a great urban explorer if you're into the abandoned built landscape. Highly recommended!
A star trails photo I captured at the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans amusement park. I think this may be my favourite photo I've shot. Details about getting this shot are on my website.

Try deleting an empty Circle. Fun! #UX

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